The Sweeter Song

*This is the continuation of my previous post The Sweet Song Beckons. I advise you to read first that post before you lay your eyes in this new post of mine. Awkeish? =)

---> Greek legend also tells us that another ship passed that way. And the Captain of that ship responded to the Sirens very differently than Ulysses.
Not far behind the ship of Ulysses came another great ship. These sailors also realized the dangers of the Sirens and the rocks upon which they sat.

"Captain Orpheus," the first mate enthusiastically declared, "the sweet song of the Sirens lies just ahead!"

With that announcement, the crew cheered and the great Orpheus smiled. All around the ship, crewmen's voices rang with excitement. The part of the voyage that they longed for was soon at hand. In fact, there were some in the ship who had come along just to hear the music.

With a knowing smile, the dauntless Captain received a beautifully adorned case from his cabin boy. The acclaimed Orpheus carefully removed the priceless instrument as the crewmen stood nearby with bated breath. Then, with princely grace, he lifted the instrument above his head with a gesture of victory, while the crew around him whistled with enthusiasm.

"Play it, Captain!" cheered the helmsman.

"Come on, great Captain Orpheus, play it!" whooped the enthusiastic first mate.

All eyes were transfixed upon their hero. Captain Orpheus took his stance and began to masterfully play the most perfect music men's ears had ever heard. Each crewmen became lost in the reverie of the song.

All too soon the Siren coastline was out of sight and the Master musician concluded the song that he himself had composed. Not a single man aboard ship was tempted by the Sirens' melody. In fact, no one even noticed it. Though the mermaids' music was alluring and sweet, the superb Orpheus played for his crew...a sweeeter song.

*For those of us who have spent years tied to the mast and for those of us who couldn't bear the allurment and crashed against the rocks, it's time to set sail to a different tune.

In our love-hungry generation we sruggle to believe that the "beautiful side of love" really exists. But the truth is, Hollywood can't even touch the version of love that is alive and real and in the heart and mind of God. It is the "sweeter song". And when you hear this "sweeter song" you, too, will realize that it is ten thousand times more magnificent than your most grandiose imagination.

The Sweet Song Beckons

(Based on Homer's Odyssey)
*READ and relate to the hidden message in this Greek tale.

Captain Ulysses cut a powerful figure as he stood on the deck of his great ship. The afternoon sun shimmered off the water as he strode about the ship with grace and dignity. Ulysses' every move was carefully observed by the helmsman who labored long and hard for nothing more than the approving eye of his noble captain.
"Steady as she goes!" Ulysses boomed, his voice filling the salty air.

"Yes,sir" was the helmsman ready reply.

After giving the command, the captain turned his iron gaze to the starboard side where land was just now coming into view. Neither the screeching gulls overhead, nor the rhythmic splash of water against the ship's side, diverted Ulysses attention from what lay just ahead. The smell of adventure was in the air; everything was just as Ulysses liked it. Then, amidst his reverie came a voice arresting his attention.


The noble leader quickly turned to find a worried seaman, eyes filled with trepidation and lips rattling with anxiety.

"Captain! He again blared, his whole face ablaze with horror.

"Settle down!" Ulysses sofly commanded, "Take a deep breath and tell me what's the matter."

The entire crew within earshot had stopped and gathered round to hear the outcome of this all-important conversation.

"Uh...we...ah...!" he shuttered, " see, sir!"

Ulysses grabbed him by the collar, yanked him within inches of his furrowed brow and demanded, "Come on lad, if you value your life, speak!"

The drama built as the petrified first mate raised a quivering finger due north and shuttered,
"The SIRENS, sir!"

Ulysses face drew tight and a woeful sigh was heard about the ship. The Siren mermaids were just ahead, ready to sing their irresistibly enchanting song and cause the bewitched sailors to steer their vessel onto the rocks. The song of the Sirens was so sweet, so alluring, no red-blooded man could resist it. Ulysses had to act quickly-
while wisdom still remained.
"Those devilish mermaids won't get us!" he announced to his fearful crew. "That's right! that lovely, luscious, melodious music played by those beautiful mermaids won't have it's way with us. No shipwreck for us today lads!"

But even as Ulysses pondered the intoxicating music, he felt his wisdom slipping. He was gripped by a magnetic urge to hear just a short strain of the legendary song of the mermaids.

"Maybe we could try and miss the rocks? NO!" He chided himself, "NO! It does this to all captains who pass by. They all
think they can resist, but then lose their senses and follow the sweet music to their deaths upon the jagged rocks, while the mermaids scoff from above. NO!"
Ulysses ran to the bow of the ship, turned and bellowed for all the crewmen to hear.

"We are men, unable to resist the promise of sweet love in the mermaid's song. The Sirens have baited every ship before us with their songs, and everytime the ships have crashed against the rocks upon which the Sirens sit. But not this time, my friends. We will not fall for their temptation; indeed, we will not even allow ourselves to be tempted!"

"I want every sailor to take some of this beeswax and put it in your ears so you can hear nothing. And tie me to the mast!"

His crew looked at each other with bewilderment.

"You heard me! "He shouted again, "Tie me to the mast. And tie me tight and fast!"

The sun angrily beat down as the disciplined crew rush about the ship responding to Ulysses' orders. And none too had they crammed the wax into their ears and finished tying their captain to the mast, but the beautiful and intoxicating love song of the siren mermaids began to softly fill the air. The Sirens' song, in all its passion and wonder, greeted the ship across the water as a warm fire greets cold hands on a winter's day.

The crew was oblivious-all except Ulysses who, while tied to the mast, had no wax to stop the music. Ulysses blood ran hot with passion. "Untie me!" he screamed in anguish, "Please untie me! I command you to untie me...please, I beg you."

But the crewmen could not hear and had been commanded not to read his lips. The song grew louder and lovelier, and Ulysses groaned with sheer physical desire. He then began to scream like a madman for someone to heed his orders and turn the ship towards the source of that sweet, lustful music. Ulysses threatened the plank, Cyclops feedings, and various other forms of torture as the ship passed the Sirens' rocky coastline, and then finally beyond the reach of their song.
An exhausted Ulysses, his face a deep scarlet from the struggle, finally was untied and fell limp upon the ship's deck.

"Why?" he moaned with his remaining strength, "Why does it seem that the things I desire the most in this life lead to my destruction? Why must I be restrained from something so beautiful? The mast is my savior this day from my headlong craving for that sweet but deadly song of the Siren mermaids!"

*For many years of our life most of us struggle with agonizing frustrations. We are fighting a constant inward battle between needing to obey God's "Thou Shall Nots" and yet longing to fulfill our
passionate, sensual desires. I believe that you also feel Ulysses pain. Some of us grew up being taught how "to tie ourselves to the mast" while listening to the song of TEMPTATION at full volume. We heard all the fire and brimstone sermons on the "rocks of death". Sometimes we may lose our senses esp. during our pubescent years. We have a raging desire within us to have a companion, someone we could love and be loved by, someone we could be intimate with. We want to experience that all that sensual desires. But then again when we come to church and sat down, we hear the same thing...THOU SHALL NOT! And "thou shall nots" only go so far on hormone-infested young teenagers who's looking for loopholes in the rop
e so that we can accidentally-on-purpose steer our love boat as close to the rocks as we can possibly get.

Is there any other way to keep us from crashing against the rocks? Thankfully, the story does not end here. =)

Choco Madness

I just tried this chocolate-dip-marshmallow. I find it really cute-and sweet too. Would you believe that our teacher in Biochem, Maam Villalobos, was the one who encouraged us to try it? Hahah! She even endorsed it to all of us. Tsk2. She said we have to reward ourselves for getting good grades last prelim exam. I definitely agree. And by the way, Maam V is hilarious! At the end of our class, she would crank up jokes-sometimes or most of the time (XD) corny. And if we don't laugh at her jokes, she would give us a minus 10. Hahah! Was that another joke maam? Hmmm. Oh well. Xmas break will be next week-but I'm not that really really happy. Because a part of me would still want to stay here and spend more time with MSL. I'm gonna miss him. =(

I mess up with guilia's cbox! uhuhuhu. I didn't really mean it. I dunno what happened. I'm such a clutz! uhuhuh. Hope she could ever forgive me. Haiz.


"When GOD Writes Your LOVE STORY"

The book with me in the
pictures is one of the things that makes me a no-sleep-person these past few days. I can't get enough of it. I'm not a great overstater-just a little. Hahah! But it's true-I can't resist to finish more and more chapters every night('till morning =D). Well, this book was given to me by my MSL. So, it has also a great significant value. The title is also the title of my post,"When GOD Writes Your LOVE STORY". Creative, interesting, intuitive, inspirational are just few of the exuberant adjectives that fill my heart as I read the 'you'll-never-be-the-same' writings of Eric and Leslie Ludy (authors). Both of them share their unforgettable journey which GOD took them on to discover what a God-written love story is all about.

This book is not about rules, relationship how-to's, or a comprehensive guide to experiencing the singles' scene. Rather, this book is all about an invitation for a journey from the One who knows us better than ourselves. This journey is for anyone who is searching for the beauty of true and lasting love, for romance in its purest form, and is willing to do whatever it takes in order to find it. The very One who is the Author of all true love and romance is standing before us, asking us gently, "Will you let Me write your love story?".

If we trust Him enough to give Him the pen of our life, we are in for a journey that will forever spoil us for the ordinary. It's a journey on which we will discover perfect love and pure romance as it was truly intended to be.

L♥VE ü

Maybe you're puzzled why this blogger here has zip her mouth and doesn't post anything about her love life, let me type it again, now in CAPS, "LOVELIFE" (better =D) from the day she registered to and started blogging-for almost a year now. Hmmm? Something's wrong? Definitely NOT! Nothing's wrong. It's just that...ahmm..for me , t's too PERSONAL. I'm a private person. I want to keep it to my self and share it only to people who are intimate to me. (cracking about selfishness here.hmf!) But I guess things actually alter. As what they say, the only permanent thing in this world is change. And sooo..I changed my mind. Hahah! But this change is for the better. Now, I'm gonna update you on what's happening on my tragic-crazy-but-oh-so-beautiful-life plus the addition LOVE STORY. *giggles. Yeah, you read it right.

What spark me off to do this???

*A good friend who's also a blogger like me is sooo sooo sooo in love and you'll eventually know from the moment you see her blog-coz her blog just says it all. I was actually inspired by her.
*My boyfriend checked out my blog and asked why there's nothing about us here. Now he knows. ;]
*I press-stud a LOVE BUG.

To start of:

Let me share to you one of the poems made by my boyfie esp. for me-out of so much love. He also made me a letter (it's in fact he's first time to even write a love letter to someone) *smiles. I'm his first and one true love. *touched. I've been in some relationship in the past but this one's different-really different.We're a new couple, 3 months and still counting...Hope it'll LAST..

Mant times I asked GOD about his plan for me

Who I will become and who I will be

I've searched for the answers in the busy streets

Yet, nothing came up but meaningless feat

I thought being alone is happiness

And having no one is life's zest

But too often I find myself falling harder

And my heart becomes cold and bitter

Just when I almost lost my sanity

An ANGEL came to show life's real beauty
That very day, August 23

I untie my heart and set it free

You simply changed me

You've shown the things I thought I'd never see

I simply love the way you are

You are my ONE and beloved STAR

When I met you I immediately believed in ANGELS

Not in shimmering white dress and glittering halo that I can tell

But it was how you turned my world into HEAVEN on EARTH

A lace of lasting peace, love, freedom and mirth


A Man's Doll

This is a story of a young girl which has really moved me. Let me share it to all of you.

"Dinala ako nung lalaki sa motel. Parang wala siyang pakialam na 16 pa lang ako. Nung una, natakot talaga ako. Akala ko hindi na kakayanin ng katawan ko, sa sobrang sakit ng mga ginawa niya sa 'kin. Nakakapanibago pala sa simula. Pero ngayon, sanay na rin ako dahil dumadami na ang customers ko. Pakiramdam ko ang laki ng nawala sa 'kin nung gabing 'yun."
This is how it all started. Rosie* was just 16 yrs old when she began working as a prostitute in order to support her studies. She described her first experience with a client like rape, and when it was all over, the guy threw the money in her face. Rosie was forced into this work because her parents had substance abuse problems, as well as gambling issues. One time, her father came home wasted and sexually molested her. He threatened to kill both her and her mother if she were to tell a soul. Instead of seeking help, she began using her body to provide for herself.
"Gusto ko lang sanang makapagtapos at makapagtrabaho ng maayos."
To earn for her tuition, she never forgot the advice given to her by an old lady who lived nearby. "Use your body to make living in order to survive."
Her customers put her through a lot, but still didn't want to give up on the notion of romantic love. Occasionally, she would hook up with college guys from different schools. One time, she thought a guy was genuinely into her, so she went along with him to his dorm only to find a group of guys waiting for her. He placed something in her drink and she soon felt dizzy. Later, she awoke naked with a bunch of guys laughing, drinking, and doing drugs around her. Other times, customers even resorted to beating her up after sex just because they had nothing to pay her.
Despite all this, she wakes up every morning thanking GOD she's still alive and healthy. A simple pleasure that makes her happy to this day is going to a toy store and looking at a doll her father had given her that reminds her of better days. It brings her back to the time when she was young and all she worried about was what game to play next. When a customer compliments her out of the blue and says she's beautiful instead of roughing her up, she feels thankful inside. During those moments, she forgets that she works as a prostitute and feels like a real person. ;'(


Hello! People guess what? I've been living 'alone' for more than 2 weeks now. ahaha! What an achievement! Maybe you would think it's not a big deal or whatsoever, but for me it is! My Dad is busy with his work. He's currently in Negros right now to fix things. So, I'm left here alone on Iloilo-which means I have the freedom to do whatever I want, but with limitations of course. For 16 years that I'm existing here in this world, I've been so reliant to my parents. At the same time, they're so over-protective to me. So whatever I do or wherever I go, I must report it to them. They can also be as strict as a ruler! Haiz. Sometimes I wish I could do what other teens like me do. You know, the usual things: night-outs, going anywhere without worrying about that stupid curfew-which kills the fun actually, staying up all night, party 'till dawn, blah blah blah... But what can i do? NOTHING! uhuh. It's fine. Yeah, in fact I'm over used to it. Hmmmm. Now I'm just enjoying my time here, living independently and I oh-so-looovee it. =)

On the other hand, I was so distraught when I discovered that someone's pretending to be my boyfriend when in fact he's NOT! How's that? arrrrghhh! I don't understand why he has to do such thing, and I don't even know him! Such a feeler! I hate it. SOB.

Super Girl-No More

I'm lying in my bed, looking blankly in the ceiling, feeling sluggish and all, when suddenly something just pops out in my mind. I started wondering if I've become an overworked girl. I asked my self, "Am I neglecting my own needs just so others will like me?". They say that people who aim to please and keep the peace are often overly concerned of what others think of them. They sacrifice what they want, dismiss what they feel, and mold who they are just to avoid being seen as a party popper, a bad friend, a manang, a flake, or anything other than what they think people expect them to be. I must admit, sometimes I'm like that. It's just that it's also difficult to say NO. I'm thinking that if I don't say YES to everything and be everything to everyone, the world will come to an end. But it's not like that. I realized that my friends are strong enough to survive a day without me, the world will keep turning even if I shut off my cell phone so I can finish my work, and my family will still be my family even if I choose to go after my dreams instead of theirs. Hmmmm. Now it's time to take that heavy load in my chest and...breath. =)

whataack! ReUniOn =)

Hey! Check out some of my pics with my best-est friends.

more pixies at my fs account


Hello Sembreak!

Final Exams:OVER
1st Semester:FINISH
(Whew! XD)

Things I'm blissful about: =)

*I got exempted from my 2 subjects in the finals.
*I already received my scholarship grant.
*I'll be back in my hometown. Bye City of LOVE, Hello City of SMILES.
*I'm gonna see my family and my oh-so-adorable pet-Bruce! Grrr!
*I'm looking forward for a reunion with friends. PARTIANS barkada!I miss 'em!
*I'll be able to sleep, sleep and sleep! Forty winks here I come! zZzZz...
*No more monster exams! Well. Maybe just for now.Bwahaha!

Things I'm gloomy about: =(

*I'll SUPER miss my MSL. Sob.
*I'll part ways with some of my cm8s in AHSE 1-E. So tear-jerking. I'll uber miss their company!Anyways, we're still in the same school. See yah around guys!
*I'll miss Chem. (ows?) Hmmm. Anyhow? Ma'am Baby Lou? Bwahah!
*I won't be able to have a glimpse of my crush every MWF. Lol.
*I'll be missing strawberry, tutti fruity ang bubblegum shakes!

Awtz. Enough of this drama. Sembreak will just be for 2-3 weeks. It's not that long.
Maybe just enough to take a break and loosen up for a jiffy.

On the contratry, 2nd sem is fast approaching...

What will happen next? Hmmm.


Everything Is Fine Now =)

"When something is over, it can never start again. When it's broken, I can never put back the pieces. Life is not the way I want it to be. When I know that someone is hurting me, I'll just stop. I know that it hurts a lot, but I must learn to let go. I won't push my self too hard. Because I know that in every 'Ending' there's such a thing that I call 'Beginning'."

STATUS: Happy =)


Hello! How’s your day? As for me, I’m totally worn-out! Suppose to be, it’s the last day of our U week but I decided not to go coz I’m suupeeer tired. Yesterday we had a parade and it was so so tiring. Walking for how many kilometers plus the yelling of our cheer (N-U-R-S-I-N-G NURSING!) made me feel like going home, rest and sleep the whole day! Haiz. But I must say that it was also fun! My classmates and I had nothing to do so we decided to do something else while in the parade. Hmmm. And what was it? Put our balloons in the faces of the passengers and traffic aids while they’re passing by us. Hahah! We also had a balloon fight! Whaaattaah! It’s Me VS Barney ( aka Adrian) and Julez. Tsk3. They had a hard time beating me. Bwahaha. We also enjoyed our picnic in the LDT building-except that they won’t let us out until 4 pm. =(

I went home to change clothes and freshen up and then go back at around 6 pm. I really enjoyed the whole time I’m there. I can’t explain the feeling. Why? Hmmmmm. Secret! Heheh. It was about 10:30 when I arrived home. The good thing is my Dad wasn't around-he went to Aklan. So he won't be able to scold me. ahihi! XD

Take a look at my picz. Enjoy!

Tinay and Me
*Soten shot! It was before the parade.
Nursing T-shirt

*I super like our shirt. Cute2. =)

Pink and Blue Balloons!
* Hmmm. We're not that ready. Bwahah!

This is BARNEY (Adrian).
*He keeps on teasing me. So I call him Barney(the friendly dinosaur). XD
In return, he calls me Betty(Betty Boop).

The Suductive
*naahh! just playing around. ahaha!

*This was taken after the parade.
*my alalay. joke! He's a good friend.
He brought my valuable things during the parade.
Thank you von!
Weng and Me
*whaataa pose! Don't mind me. HAHA!

Thank you for all the positive response of those who keeps on visiting my blog and read it’s content. You really inspire me. Here’s a kiss for all of you. Umu’aAhH.


Ciao! Sorry to keep you waiting for my next post. Haiz. I think you're wondering why am I so emotional these past few days. Hmmm. The truth is, I don't wanna talk about it anymore. I just want to think of something else (like 'happy thoughts' maybe), do other things and make the most out of my college life. Speaking of my life in college, we are celebrating our University Week. There are loads of exhilarating contests and surprises to watch out for. Well. I feel like I have to engage my self to different acitivities-so I may be able to forget what I really FEEL inside. Sob. OH MY-enough of this dilemma. Time to face the world with a happy face and it's gonna be a NEW and BETTER me-that's for sure!

Let's amend the topic.
Here's some of my pics I want to share with you.
Have a glimpse of my life in college...

Mommy Tin, Me and Lind's.

*We can talk all day! About what?



Cristine and Me
(secretly looking)
*Tin2 and I are always together.

She's there during the times I have no one to run to.

I really am thankful to have her around.

That's our shoes!

*Yeah. Mine's at the right side. I prefer flats.

So comfy. I can walk all day. Charot!

Here with Fil Am(my LAB gruopm8)

*Her name is so cute! It's so so unique! ahaha! XD

CONVERSE-cool huh?Tsk2.

*whOoh! The moment we saw this we went nuts!


*I think this photo was taken during our PSYCHO class.
I can actually sleep the whole period w/ our prof NOT noticing me.


*What am I thinking? Hmmmm.


Jemar and Louie
(evidence! anu nah?) XD

*They are uber funny!-->esp. Louie.

S/He would crank up jokes and you'll definitely laugh to death!

Hahaha! Exag. Grrrrr.

Exhausted classmates!

*While waiting impatiently for our prof.

"Sir? Din ka nah yah?"

Lindsay and Me
(girls will be girls)

* Lind's is trying to put some glitters on my beautiful eyes!

Bwahahaha! She's my kikay partner.

MORE pics at my FS account! =)


As I grow older, my realizations about life became deeper, problems got bigger, situations became more complicated and things got really messed up..
Sometimes I wish I could go back..
Back to the time when the only man in my life was my Dad..
My only Best Friend was my Mom..
and any PAIN could be healed by just a band aid and a lollipop..


I was hurt. Deeply hurt. What I feel is so painful that I wanna DIE.
Why is it so easy for others to judge you? They don't know the whole story! In fact-they know NOTHING! But still they keep on making things worse. You have no other choice but to accept all the things they say about you-most of it are not even TRUE. You try to speak up for yourself. But it's useless. The most painful part is...the person you expect to believe in you turned his back and he never believed you at all. You keep on explaining your side, but it's as if he hears nothing. You try to reach out, but he walks away. You thought he would understand, be by your side, help you during the times you need him the most-but he NEVER did. Where are now all the promises? the hopes?the wishes? It's ALL gone. It's just so stupid of you to believe everything. Yeah, maybe it's right to say promises are made to be broken. I realized that not all things have a happy ending..As of now? I'm totally BROKEN..

No More Fairytales For ME

I used to think that life is a fairytale...
Full of magic,exciting, vivid! BUT that was a LONG time ago..Now I know that there's more to life than just "HAPPILY EVER AFTER".. I've learned that I get wiser each day..And NO FAIRY can lead me to a happy ending..
I decide..I struggle..And somehow I begin to understand..that I have the power to make each day BETTER than YESTERDAY..


Is everything fine? For me, ahmm, kindda. I'm not really in the mood today. I'm so exhausted! Our midterm exams just ended. Thank GOD it's over. I think my mind's gonna blow! I sleep at about 3 in the morning for the past week. Imagine? Cramming is not always a good option. But what can I do? I'm busy with the assigns, proj, research, reportings, laundry(?), dishes(?), blah blah blah.. I always motivate my self to study a week before. But it's not enough. huuuh! It's Ok. I know I can do this. Just gimme a massage and a hot fudge! Hmmmmmmm..
Anyways, have I mentioned that dad went to Malaysia? Well. He did. They had a seminar there. I'm so delighted with all the pasalubongs I got from him. Most esp. the cute pink bag he gave me. So cute! So ME! ahaha! Naaahhhh! 'nough of this. I'm gonna end my post here. I wanna rest. Sleppy...totally out.. zZzzzzZZzz..


It was late in the afternoon when I heard the news about what happened in the LDT Building Parking Lot. Rumors were fast spreading throughout the campus. It was said that 2 freshmen students (girl and boy) had been caught inside the known adventure car between 9-10 in the MORNING ‘doing’ something. Some students and teachers SAW the whole scene. Others would describe it as a LIVE SHOW. Eeeewwww! They even tried to escape when the guard was about to seize them. I really don’t understand why they did that scandalous thing in the middle of the morning! Can’t they wait? O-M-G! Because of what happened our school was all over the news. It was being talked in Bombo Radyo. I think radio announcers were so unfair. They generalize the whole thing. Not all students of CPU are like that. Our school has nothing to do with their ACT. It was their CHOICE. I think they should be ashamed of what they did. They ruined our school’s reputation. They ruined their family’s honor. They ruined themselves. They ruined everything. I don’t think they still have the face to show to the world. Oh well. Life is like that. We should really be aware of our acts and decisions. At the same time, we must face the consequences of our actions. ‘til next time! MWAH!


Hello WORLD! I’m BACK! Definitely! Oh I uber miss my blog! It’s been a while since my last post here. Well. You wanna know the latest? Hmmmm. Our prelim exam just ended. Yippy! I’m in high spirits and satisfied with the results of my exam. All the studying till 3 in the morning, eye bags (uhuh), brain-cracking lists of notes to memorize and sleepless nights had paid off. wHOoh! I survived the prelims. What will happen next? Hahah! Ok. I need positive vibrations here. I know I can DO it! GrRrRr! Watch OUT! =D
Enewiez. This week we are celebrating our CHRIST EMPHASIS WEEK. The good thing about it is that we are able to gather at the Rose Memorial and listen to the preaching of the missionaries from different parts of the world. Chakaetch! They share GOD’s goodness and help us build a stronger relationship with our Creator. Our theme is "Mounth Up with Faith" with the text from Isaiah 40:28-31(I have to remember this. It will probably come out in the exam).It’s not boring at all! And the best thing about it is that our TIME is SHORTENED. Ahihi! I think I’m gonna end my post here. It’s 5 minutes before my next class. I don’t wanna be late! xOxO =)

A Secret To Keep

“..I’ll tell you a secret..I already have a baby..”

This is what I heard from my classmate and a very good friend of mine. I was so shocked when I heard the exact words she told me! I can’t believe it! I almost fell off my chair…
It was a week or two after the opening of the class when I developed a certain friendship with two pretty girls in the room. One of them is my group mate in our laboratory class. I will just hide them with the names ‘Wakwak’ and ‘Mana’ (short for manananggal). Weird? Hahah! I label them as ‘Aswangs’. Maybe you’re wondering, why? Well. It came to be when me and bff saw them with cutie guys after our PE class. Then we teased them, “Hala. Naka-dagit naman kmu huh”. Of course, they denied. According to them, they’re just their high school friends. Hmmm. That’s where it all started.
Weeks passed by and our friendship grew each day. It’s getting to a higher level. One day, I noticed that there’s something wrong. ‘Wakwak’ is not as jolly as she is. It’s obvious that there’s something bothering her. She confessed to me that she feels bad towards our two classmates. She thinks that they are judging her because of her physical look. I was confused. I asked, “Why? You’re pretty and you have no prob with your weight as well”. She said, “No. My body is different before”. I don’t have any idea of what she’s talking about. Then she said, “I’ll tell you a secret”. After that she showed to me a picture of a cute baby. I wondered. Then she adds, “I already have a baby. Here she is”. I don’t know what to say! I was blank for how many seconds. I just looked at her and understood everything. Now, I know.
She said it was something she had never regret of doing. Her family and friends accepted her and they all love the baby. I was so touched. At that moment, I super admire her for her courage. Imagine? She had gone through all those things at her very young age. Haiz.
I realized that not all teens undergo the same life. Before, I thought that having no allowance for a week because you’re grounded is a big prob already. Well. There’s something much bigger than that. My friend has really inspired me. I’m super proud of her and I wish her all the best. Eneweiz. Her baby will be baptized this July. I hope I could be the ‘Ninang’. Heheh. ‘till next time! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!

What's Up?

Hi people! How’s life? I’m sOOo worn-out! It’s 8:30 pm and I just arrived from school. But I still have the ‘oomph’ to surf the net-you know, it’s my stress buster! My last class is Psycho and to tell you honestly it’s so dull. I can even snooze w/ our prof not noticing me! But in fairness to me, I can resist the urge to sleep. Hmmm. I can say that me and almost all of my cm8s are very good friends now. You know-close enough to tell secrets and our most embarrassing moments. Hahah! We also share loads of things and gossip a lot! It’s nothing serious. Just to kill time during our vacant hours.

Yesterday was our PE class. We jogged at the University ground. It was so wide! I can feel the pain in my ankles and legs-even up to now! I’m almost catching my breath after 2 rounds of jogging! wHoOh! We are in fact preparing for the ‘Milo Marathon’. Our school is joining together with the other Universities throughout the country. We can’t say no coz it’s one of our requirements in PE. Haiz. And tomorrow will be our NSTP. I chose LTS. Watyya think? Heheh. Well, college life is indeed so busy. But I’m actually getting used to it. Catch yah next time! Here’s a kiss for my avid readers! umu’aHHhh!..=)

'nother DAY ...

Eheeeemmm. Our PE class has ended. But actually, we really didn't have a class. ahaha! Our prOf had some important things to do. So we just signed our attendance sheet and went off. ahaha! Me and Bff together with our cm8s-slash-friends agreed to visit OoZOoh(it's a net cafe in front of CPU) anyway I have plenty of time. Ahmmmm. Remember the pink car I told you? Well. I'm gonna post it now. See also some pics I have here in CPU. Enjoy! Btw, I'm all alone now. My mom, dad, and bro went home in Negros just this morning. uhuhu! I'm a little bit scared. But it's okay. I know I can manage. Hmmmmm. So what can I say? 'till nxt time! umu'aAhHhugzz!

A Day in my LIFE

Exact date when I wrote this post: Fri June 6,'08
Good mown people! Time check: 6:20 am. whew! I'm already here in school. Every MWF my Fil class would start 7 am. So, I see to it that at 6 am I'm already riding the jeep. As usual, I haven't eat my breakfast. Sob! I'm one of the 1st few people here. It's so early! I'm here in the lobby, in front of the Half Moon Drive. I'm waiting for BFF-everyday! ahaha!

Yesterday, BFF and I saw a PINK VOLKSWAGEN CUTE CAR parking in front of the building we last attended! I can't get my eyes of it! I sOoo love the car that I want to take it home! hahah! Ofcourse, I can't do that. So, BFF just took a picture of the car with me beside it in a "pawala-effect". ahihi! The good thing is the CENTRALIANS(it's what you call students who are studying in CPU) who are passing by didn't notice. Well, I think so. heheh! I'll post the pic here ASAP. That's it for now! Catch yah next time! umu'AaHhh!=) --> love this smiley! heheh!


Hey! You know what I hate 'bout college? It's WAKING UP EARLY. I have to be out of bed as early as 5 am! Imagine? I'm still so sleepy and most of the time I don't eat my breakfast! I have no time! And guess what? I have to ride the jeep for 30 min to 1 hr(if it's traffic)! Haiz. So tiring and at the same time I'm starving! I'll bet I'm gonna lose some wieght! ahaha! Anyway, I'm actually writing my posts during breaks or when our teacher is not around. And when I have time to go to the 'net cafe's, I'll post it right away. ahihi. That's it for now! Kipxafe people! umu'AHhh! =)


Hello. I'm sorry to keep you waiting for my next post. Anything new?Well. Actually it's my 3rd day in CPU. But our formal classes would probably start next week. At the moment we're just having some orientation for each subject. Me and my cm8's are in the "getting to know you" stage. It's good that me and BFF already have some group of friends to hang-out with. They're nice and fun too. But no one can replace the PARTIANS barkada-ever! I so miss them! uhuh!
And you know what I found out? The guards are super strict! You can't enter the school premises if there's something you do-slash-wear that is not allowed. Here's the list of some of them.
NO PIERCINGS (too bad I have one-but the good thing is the guards didn't notice!xp)
Haiz. As of now, I'm still adjusting to my new life as a college student. But I know in God's time, I can be used to it! Wish me luck! ;]

My College SCHEDULE!

Hey! Take a look at my sched. Wattya think? Hmmmm.


Filipino English Filipino English Filipino

(7:00-8:00) (8:30-10:00) (7:00-8:00) (8:30-10:00) (7:00-8:00)


(8:00-9:00) (10:00-1:00) (8:00-9:00) (10:00-1:00) (8:00-9:00)

Chemistry Lab Chemistry Lab Chemistry

(9:00-10:00) (1:00-4:00) (9:00-10:004) (1:00-4:00) (9:00-10:004)


(10:00-11:00) (4:00-5:00) (10:00-11:00) (4:00-5:00) (10:00-11:00)


(11:00-1:00) (5:00-6:00) (11:00-1:00) (5:00-6:00) (11:00-3:00)

N111 N111 Math

(1:00-2:30) (1:00-2:30) (3:00-4:00)


(30 min) (30 min) (4:00-5:40)

Math Math Psychology

(3:00-4:00) (3:00-4:00) (5:40-6:40)


(4:00-5:40) (4:00-5:40)

Psychology Psychology

(5:40-6:40) (5:40-6:40)


Hello everyone! How’s life? ahmm. In my case, it’s perfectly fine. I’m so happy! =)

First of all, I want you to congratulate this girl here who had enrolled herself to college w/o her Mom by her side. Yipee! I felt so fulfilled! It’s my 1st step to become an independent college girl now. Heheh. Coz you know what? Ever since I was a child I’m always relying almost everything to my Mom. I’d say, “Mom could you do this, could you do that, I need this, I need that” and so on and so forth. Haiz. I’m used to my Mom helping me always. She’s there for me every time I need her. Hmmm.

Anyways, the whole enrollment process was so long and exhausting! I’m so worn-out! Plus the fact that I had to be out of bed 3 in the morning to catch the first trip of the bus then afterwards of the boat. I’m so sluggish with zero energy! Uhuh. There are loads of papers to fill-up, buildings I had to go (CPU has so many buildings. I had a prob which to tell what =’c) and the extensive line for the ID picture! I started lining 12:30 pm and I finished at about 3 pm! Imagine? Haiz. I had proven that Patience is truly a Virtue. It’s already dark when I arrived home. My Mom had to pick me up in the terminal station. Haiz.

It’s Ok. The thought that I had done all those things w/o relying to my Mom is so HaAaYy. The feeling is unexplainable! Heheh! =)


A big tnx to Tita Sonia and BFF Abby for everything! I really appreciate it! MwaAaHhxXx!

Stuck Again!

EheeMm. It's been a while since my last post here in my blog. I really missed this! Well. For everyone to know, I'm here again in the City of Love, Iloilo. This place will be my 2nd home. I will be spending my college days here. uhuh. I went here last Tuesday, May 6, '08. It is because I'm filing my requirements for college. And at this point, I'm already through with that. I had also gone through with the interview and the scholarship exam. Haiz. I'm now just waiting for the sched of the enrollment. Oops! Btw, I will be studying at Central Philippine University. The school is really nice. I think it's a good place for learning. It's huge(no doubt!). And as what I can see they have complete facilities for the students. I uber love the canteen(the one located in the Uy Building). BFF and I will be together in the same school. It's so cool! We never really planned it. It just happened. bwahahah!

Well, supposedly I will be back in Binalbagan last Saturday, May 10. But my mom said it's better to stay here for the meantime. I was so frustrated! I super want to go home! Our town fiesta will be on May 15. I really want to be there with friends and experience the fun brought by the fiesta! But I guess I can't do that. I have no choice. Sob! I'm stuck here, again. HEEELLPP!

Oh well. Life is like that. You can't always get what you want. Maybe because something better will be given to you. Don't you think? Hmmmm. I'll just keep my fingers crossed.


Vacations are always lots of fun! It’s the time where you can go anywhere and everywhere and do whatever you feel like to do as long as it isn’t at home! Especially this summer! You can grab your friends and enjoy every second, every minute, every hour of the day! =)

My Dream Destination:


What to do: Whether I’m going to Tokyo, Florida, Paris or Hong Kong, for me, any Disneyland park is a wonderland of fun and adventure! I’ll get to meet my favorite fairy tale characters while having a terrific time riding all the happy rides! WhohOo!

What to bring: Hmmm. Just lots of energy and my wishes! Heheh! They just may come true in Disneyland! =)

Fave Travel Pals: Family and my BFF! They’re fun to be with and they’re close to my heart!

Oh! I’m 16 years old but I’m always a kid at heart! Hahah!

The New mE!

Ever noticed how milestones trigger makeovers? During my weeklong stay in iloilo, I always splurge time in my tita’s salon. I’m there almost everyday. But cutting my hair never crossed my mind! Weird. Hahah! But something happened. The night before we’re going back home here in Binalbagan, I just see my self in the mirror with Sandy cutting my hair! WhaAahH! My mom even asked, ”Why did you do it? Were you depressed?” Wait, what’s the connection between depression and a haircut? I really don’t understand! Hahah! It’s just that I’m going to college and I’ll be embarking on a totally new journey and I wanted to be ready. That’s why I chopped off my hair and change its style.

I used to be afraid of change. I kept trying to fix things so that they happened the same way. But I’ve come to realize what’s so great about it-the chance to become a better version of yourself. And it can be as simple as how you dress to as life changing as how you treat your friends. So if you aren’t too hot about your life right now, don’t lose hope. You can always do something about it.

Well, it’s now a NEW and BETTER ME! =)

By the way,

I’m back in my hometown! Hahaha! I xuper missed my room! Uhmmm. It’s definitely good to be back! Home Sweet Home! Wheheh!