There were absolutely so many things that cropped up to me lately. A lot of ideas of what to blog have been brain waived---but the moment I would start typing a new post... Guess what? I just went BLANK. Seems like everything were blown away! How rude was that? Urgh. Crap! I'm just killing my time (giving it an unlawful death) blatantly looking at the monitor, realizing that it was still a blank sheet (I mean, a blank post). In spite of everything, there's NOTHING in it. Oh well. Maybe I'm not just getting the vibes to type-slash-twaddle anything. Except for now. :)

Hear it straight from me:

"I suppose I have nothing to blog because I don't sense that I have something to blog, but then I thought what about I'll blog on the subject of not having anything to blog at all? Perhaps, that's a good idea. So, that's what my blog is all about just now."