Sweetness :)

I can say that these past few months have been the hardest for both of us. We were constantly fighting. We even had to cool down for a while. Hmmm. For about 2 weeks I guess. But everyday I was constantly hoping that things will get better. Well. I knew it will. We just had to settle our differences.

One afternoon we decided to talk. But during that time, it was still NOT OK. We just took the weight off our feet at one table at a corner blatantly looking nowhere. As if no one wanted to speak first. I looked at him. It was so damn painful because I missed him so much! Our conversation was not that good. I explained my self but I think he hadn't understood a thing. He's so hurt. I brought so much pain to him. I was also hurt with all the things he said-though I knew it's all out of anger. And I can't blame him for that.

As tension got in our way, we started yelling at each other. It's pointless. We can't talk like that. Out of the blue, silence embraced us. No one's talking. And the worst part is we ended up resolving nothing.

We decided to just go home and rest. We went on separate ways. My heart was breaking. I didn't know what to do at that time. I was already in the jeepney when I received an unexpected text from him.

It was a plain text saying, "Pwede ta ka madul-ong?" I was thrilled. I hurriedly went back. Then I saw him, almost catching his breath. Without any word, we rode in the jeepney together. It was so awkward. We were not looking or even saying a single word to each other. We just sat there close at each other's side.

Then something happened that almost made me cry. HE HELD MY HAND. I was very touched he didn't knew I was barely holding my tears back. (We were still not talking at that point.)
I looked at him.

He smiled his perferct smile.

I held his hand tighter.

He hugged me.

I hugged him.

There's really no need for words. Even in silence-LOVE can be heard. :) I'm happy that things between us are ok now. We wanted to spend more time with each other so we end up eating and chatting at McDonald's at the Atrium until 7 pm. :)

Oh well. That wasn't an ordinary day.
There's no ordinary day when I'm with him. :))