Nothing is Simple

I used to lay in my bed and tried to find a reason.

A reason to stay..
A reason to leave..
A reason to give up..
A reason to believe..
A reason to remember..
A reason to forget..
A reason to love..
A reason to hate..
A reason just about.. everything.

Where did I go wrong? What's wrong with me?

I got tired of finding a reason so I stopped. Sometimes all you need is just to stop for a minute. Flashback memories might kill, but they come and go as well as feelings.

Nothing is simple. Why make them more complicated anyway?

Small Group

This is a group binded by our love for God.

@ Pies Surprise.

@ Appetite.

@ a Korean Resto in Ledesco.

I'm always looking forward to meet with these girls! They inspire me, they keep the fire burning in my heart, they water the seeds that God has already planted, they help me find my way back when I'm kinda lost, they make me feel and believe that I am not alone in my race with God.

We love to explore new places, eat, talk about God & simply pray for each other. :)