..It's GOOD to be BAD..

'..i haven't been
myself lately..I dn't know why..well..ders jst so liberating about breaking the rules,,speaking ur mind and doing d unxpcted..

..On a recent school affair,,I bravely told dis guy to turn off his cell phone(I was
horrified wen I saw him turn it on during d program)..D old me wud hve jst shut up,,but d new me jst didn't want 2 deal w/ 'irritating' people anymore..So,,I took a deep breath and reminded him that cell phones are not allowed in d school campus..4 a minute,,I was afraid I was going 2 get myself punched in d eye!..but thank God 'Mr.Show-Off' jst tuned off his cp and put it back in his pocket!..Ha!..still feeling triumphant from d incident,,dt day become d start of a life less ordinary..

..then I have dis encounter w/
d girl hu's so insecure w/ me!dn't knw y?!..mybe she's jst jealous..hahah..well,,I jst didn't mind her and pretended dt she's not existing!.. whaah!!.but she looked at me and rolled her eyes!?..d nerve?!..watever it is!?..and so I gave her a sarcastic smile!..bwahahah..I couldn't imagine d look in her face!.. she's likely 2 explode at dt moment!..hahah..


..somtyms it's good 2 b
bad-if bad means doing wat u wnt 2 do w/o worrying wat other's think..o getting out of ur comfort zone and taking dn't b afraid 2 unleash d bad girl in u..mke u own rules-or break dem..tke on d unknwn..look fear n d eye..stand up and b counted..and show evryone wat ur mde of!..'

'till nxt tym.....

love lots,