read between the lines :)

no matter how bitter a coffee gets...

one bite of a sweet cookie
changes everything! :))

I Don't Know

I feel so wretched. It's as if I'm the most pathetic person in the world. How could I always hurt the person I value the most? I know that he's hurting too much. I make mistakes and I'm taking note of it, but the rude thing is I'm just doing it again and again. :( It's just that... urrgh! I DON'T KNOW. Even I don't know the exact reason. I am so sober as hell! I'm SORRY. I know sometimes he's sick and tired of it already. But I'm pretty sure that he'll understand because he loves me. But knowing that he loves me doesn't mean that everything I did was okay, right? (I hope being able to say this makes him proud of me.) That's why I'm saying sorry. After all those things, I realized in the end it is him that matters to me most. :(


I've already deleted the post you
wanted me to delete. See? It's not
here already. ilysm. :)

How could I ever...

..make the same mistake again! I dunno what's gone into me? Sheeeeet! Here I go over and over again. It seems like forever. Huhu. But swear to God I didn't intend to do it for the nth time around. I'm really sorry. :(

I feel so shitty damn stupid!