Hello WORLD! I’m BACK! Definitely! Oh I uber miss my blog! It’s been a while since my last post here. Well. You wanna know the latest? Hmmmm. Our prelim exam just ended. Yippy! I’m in high spirits and satisfied with the results of my exam. All the studying till 3 in the morning, eye bags (uhuh), brain-cracking lists of notes to memorize and sleepless nights had paid off. wHOoh! I survived the prelims. What will happen next? Hahah! Ok. I need positive vibrations here. I know I can DO it! GrRrRr! Watch OUT! =D
Enewiez. This week we are celebrating our CHRIST EMPHASIS WEEK. The good thing about it is that we are able to gather at the Rose Memorial and listen to the preaching of the missionaries from different parts of the world. Chakaetch! They share GOD’s goodness and help us build a stronger relationship with our Creator. Our theme is "Mounth Up with Faith" with the text from Isaiah 40:28-31(I have to remember this. It will probably come out in the exam).It’s not boring at all! And the best thing about it is that our TIME is SHORTENED. Ahihi! I think I’m gonna end my post here. It’s 5 minutes before my next class. I don’t wanna be late! xOxO =)