Dear Blog,

It’s been a very long time since my last post here. A LOT of things happen. I don’t even know when to start, but I guess I will not put the details anymore or else I will finish this post forever (overstated). I’m sorry I ignored you. There are things which I believe needs more of my time. And I regret that. I get a hold of you for 3 years now. And I will still have you for MORE years to come. Even though I don’t get to post often, still I will try my very best. You know why? Because I have realized something which I should have thought long before...

who listens to me (in a way) without complaints, who lets me write without judgements, who makes me feel better after pouring out EVERYTHING. YOU ARE MY ESCAPE. And I hope you will not get tired of me telling you how tired I am on everything else. Thank you for understanding. Let’s face tomorrow with a smile. Let’s hope for the best. I MISSED YOU.

Me <3