The Sweeter Song

*This is the continuation of my previous post The Sweet Song Beckons. I advise you to read first that post before you lay your eyes in this new post of mine. Awkeish? =)

---> Greek legend also tells us that another ship passed that way. And the Captain of that ship responded to the Sirens very differently than Ulysses.
Not far behind the ship of Ulysses came another great ship. These sailors also realized the dangers of the Sirens and the rocks upon which they sat.

"Captain Orpheus," the first mate enthusiastically declared, "the sweet song of the Sirens lies just ahead!"

With that announcement, the crew cheered and the great Orpheus smiled. All around the ship, crewmen's voices rang with excitement. The part of the voyage that they longed for was soon at hand. In fact, there were some in the ship who had come along just to hear the music.

With a knowing smile, the dauntless Captain received a beautifully adorned case from his cabin boy. The acclaimed Orpheus carefully removed the priceless instrument as the crewmen stood nearby with bated breath. Then, with princely grace, he lifted the instrument above his head with a gesture of victory, while the crew around him whistled with enthusiasm.

"Play it, Captain!" cheered the helmsman.

"Come on, great Captain Orpheus, play it!" whooped the enthusiastic first mate.

All eyes were transfixed upon their hero. Captain Orpheus took his stance and began to masterfully play the most perfect music men's ears had ever heard. Each crewmen became lost in the reverie of the song.

All too soon the Siren coastline was out of sight and the Master musician concluded the song that he himself had composed. Not a single man aboard ship was tempted by the Sirens' melody. In fact, no one even noticed it. Though the mermaids' music was alluring and sweet, the superb Orpheus played for his crew...a sweeeter song.

*For those of us who have spent years tied to the mast and for those of us who couldn't bear the allurment and crashed against the rocks, it's time to set sail to a different tune.

In our love-hungry generation we sruggle to believe that the "beautiful side of love" really exists. But the truth is, Hollywood can't even touch the version of love that is alive and real and in the heart and mind of God. It is the "sweeter song". And when you hear this "sweeter song" you, too, will realize that it is ten thousand times more magnificent than your most grandiose imagination.

The Sweet Song Beckons

(Based on Homer's Odyssey)
*READ and relate to the hidden message in this Greek tale.

Captain Ulysses cut a powerful figure as he stood on the deck of his great ship. The afternoon sun shimmered off the water as he strode about the ship with grace and dignity. Ulysses' every move was carefully observed by the helmsman who labored long and hard for nothing more than the approving eye of his noble captain.
"Steady as she goes!" Ulysses boomed, his voice filling the salty air.

"Yes,sir" was the helmsman ready reply.

After giving the command, the captain turned his iron gaze to the starboard side where land was just now coming into view. Neither the screeching gulls overhead, nor the rhythmic splash of water against the ship's side, diverted Ulysses attention from what lay just ahead. The smell of adventure was in the air; everything was just as Ulysses liked it. Then, amidst his reverie came a voice arresting his attention.


The noble leader quickly turned to find a worried seaman, eyes filled with trepidation and lips rattling with anxiety.

"Captain! He again blared, his whole face ablaze with horror.

"Settle down!" Ulysses sofly commanded, "Take a deep breath and tell me what's the matter."

The entire crew within earshot had stopped and gathered round to hear the outcome of this all-important conversation.

"Uh...we...ah...!" he shuttered, " see, sir!"

Ulysses grabbed him by the collar, yanked him within inches of his furrowed brow and demanded, "Come on lad, if you value your life, speak!"

The drama built as the petrified first mate raised a quivering finger due north and shuttered,
"The SIRENS, sir!"

Ulysses face drew tight and a woeful sigh was heard about the ship. The Siren mermaids were just ahead, ready to sing their irresistibly enchanting song and cause the bewitched sailors to steer their vessel onto the rocks. The song of the Sirens was so sweet, so alluring, no red-blooded man could resist it. Ulysses had to act quickly-
while wisdom still remained.
"Those devilish mermaids won't get us!" he announced to his fearful crew. "That's right! that lovely, luscious, melodious music played by those beautiful mermaids won't have it's way with us. No shipwreck for us today lads!"

But even as Ulysses pondered the intoxicating music, he felt his wisdom slipping. He was gripped by a magnetic urge to hear just a short strain of the legendary song of the mermaids.

"Maybe we could try and miss the rocks? NO!" He chided himself, "NO! It does this to all captains who pass by. They all
think they can resist, but then lose their senses and follow the sweet music to their deaths upon the jagged rocks, while the mermaids scoff from above. NO!"
Ulysses ran to the bow of the ship, turned and bellowed for all the crewmen to hear.

"We are men, unable to resist the promise of sweet love in the mermaid's song. The Sirens have baited every ship before us with their songs, and everytime the ships have crashed against the rocks upon which the Sirens sit. But not this time, my friends. We will not fall for their temptation; indeed, we will not even allow ourselves to be tempted!"

"I want every sailor to take some of this beeswax and put it in your ears so you can hear nothing. And tie me to the mast!"

His crew looked at each other with bewilderment.

"You heard me! "He shouted again, "Tie me to the mast. And tie me tight and fast!"

The sun angrily beat down as the disciplined crew rush about the ship responding to Ulysses' orders. And none too had they crammed the wax into their ears and finished tying their captain to the mast, but the beautiful and intoxicating love song of the siren mermaids began to softly fill the air. The Sirens' song, in all its passion and wonder, greeted the ship across the water as a warm fire greets cold hands on a winter's day.

The crew was oblivious-all except Ulysses who, while tied to the mast, had no wax to stop the music. Ulysses blood ran hot with passion. "Untie me!" he screamed in anguish, "Please untie me! I command you to untie me...please, I beg you."

But the crewmen could not hear and had been commanded not to read his lips. The song grew louder and lovelier, and Ulysses groaned with sheer physical desire. He then began to scream like a madman for someone to heed his orders and turn the ship towards the source of that sweet, lustful music. Ulysses threatened the plank, Cyclops feedings, and various other forms of torture as the ship passed the Sirens' rocky coastline, and then finally beyond the reach of their song.
An exhausted Ulysses, his face a deep scarlet from the struggle, finally was untied and fell limp upon the ship's deck.

"Why?" he moaned with his remaining strength, "Why does it seem that the things I desire the most in this life lead to my destruction? Why must I be restrained from something so beautiful? The mast is my savior this day from my headlong craving for that sweet but deadly song of the Siren mermaids!"

*For many years of our life most of us struggle with agonizing frustrations. We are fighting a constant inward battle between needing to obey God's "Thou Shall Nots" and yet longing to fulfill our
passionate, sensual desires. I believe that you also feel Ulysses pain. Some of us grew up being taught how "to tie ourselves to the mast" while listening to the song of TEMPTATION at full volume. We heard all the fire and brimstone sermons on the "rocks of death". Sometimes we may lose our senses esp. during our pubescent years. We have a raging desire within us to have a companion, someone we could love and be loved by, someone we could be intimate with. We want to experience that all that sensual desires. But then again when we come to church and sat down, we hear the same thing...THOU SHALL NOT! And "thou shall nots" only go so far on hormone-infested young teenagers who's looking for loopholes in the rop
e so that we can accidentally-on-purpose steer our love boat as close to the rocks as we can possibly get.

Is there any other way to keep us from crashing against the rocks? Thankfully, the story does not end here. =)

Choco Madness

I just tried this chocolate-dip-marshmallow. I find it really cute-and sweet too. Would you believe that our teacher in Biochem, Maam Villalobos, was the one who encouraged us to try it? Hahah! She even endorsed it to all of us. Tsk2. She said we have to reward ourselves for getting good grades last prelim exam. I definitely agree. And by the way, Maam V is hilarious! At the end of our class, she would crank up jokes-sometimes or most of the time (XD) corny. And if we don't laugh at her jokes, she would give us a minus 10. Hahah! Was that another joke maam? Hmmm. Oh well. Xmas break will be next week-but I'm not that really really happy. Because a part of me would still want to stay here and spend more time with MSL. I'm gonna miss him. =(

I mess up with guilia's cbox! uhuhuhu. I didn't really mean it. I dunno what happened. I'm such a clutz! uhuhuh. Hope she could ever forgive me. Haiz.


"When GOD Writes Your LOVE STORY"

The book with me in the
pictures is one of the things that makes me a no-sleep-person these past few days. I can't get enough of it. I'm not a great overstater-just a little. Hahah! But it's true-I can't resist to finish more and more chapters every night('till morning =D). Well, this book was given to me by my MSL. So, it has also a great significant value. The title is also the title of my post,"When GOD Writes Your LOVE STORY". Creative, interesting, intuitive, inspirational are just few of the exuberant adjectives that fill my heart as I read the 'you'll-never-be-the-same' writings of Eric and Leslie Ludy (authors). Both of them share their unforgettable journey which GOD took them on to discover what a God-written love story is all about.

This book is not about rules, relationship how-to's, or a comprehensive guide to experiencing the singles' scene. Rather, this book is all about an invitation for a journey from the One who knows us better than ourselves. This journey is for anyone who is searching for the beauty of true and lasting love, for romance in its purest form, and is willing to do whatever it takes in order to find it. The very One who is the Author of all true love and romance is standing before us, asking us gently, "Will you let Me write your love story?".

If we trust Him enough to give Him the pen of our life, we are in for a journey that will forever spoil us for the ordinary. It's a journey on which we will discover perfect love and pure romance as it was truly intended to be.

L♥VE ü

Maybe you're puzzled why this blogger here has zip her mouth and doesn't post anything about her love life, let me type it again, now in CAPS, "LOVELIFE" (better =D) from the day she registered to and started blogging-for almost a year now. Hmmm? Something's wrong? Definitely NOT! Nothing's wrong. It's just that...ahmm..for me , t's too PERSONAL. I'm a private person. I want to keep it to my self and share it only to people who are intimate to me. (cracking about selfishness here.hmf!) But I guess things actually alter. As what they say, the only permanent thing in this world is change. And sooo..I changed my mind. Hahah! But this change is for the better. Now, I'm gonna update you on what's happening on my tragic-crazy-but-oh-so-beautiful-life plus the addition LOVE STORY. *giggles. Yeah, you read it right.

What spark me off to do this???

*A good friend who's also a blogger like me is sooo sooo sooo in love and you'll eventually know from the moment you see her blog-coz her blog just says it all. I was actually inspired by her.
*My boyfriend checked out my blog and asked why there's nothing about us here. Now he knows. ;]
*I press-stud a LOVE BUG.

To start of:

Let me share to you one of the poems made by my boyfie esp. for me-out of so much love. He also made me a letter (it's in fact he's first time to even write a love letter to someone) *smiles. I'm his first and one true love. *touched. I've been in some relationship in the past but this one's different-really different.We're a new couple, 3 months and still counting...Hope it'll LAST..

Mant times I asked GOD about his plan for me

Who I will become and who I will be

I've searched for the answers in the busy streets

Yet, nothing came up but meaningless feat

I thought being alone is happiness

And having no one is life's zest

But too often I find myself falling harder

And my heart becomes cold and bitter

Just when I almost lost my sanity

An ANGEL came to show life's real beauty
That very day, August 23

I untie my heart and set it free

You simply changed me

You've shown the things I thought I'd never see

I simply love the way you are

You are my ONE and beloved STAR

When I met you I immediately believed in ANGELS

Not in shimmering white dress and glittering halo that I can tell

But it was how you turned my world into HEAVEN on EARTH

A lace of lasting peace, love, freedom and mirth