As I grow older, my realizations about life became deeper, problems got bigger, situations became more complicated and things got really messed up..
Sometimes I wish I could go back..
Back to the time when the only man in my life was my Dad..
My only Best Friend was my Mom..
and any PAIN could be healed by just a band aid and a lollipop..


I was hurt. Deeply hurt. What I feel is so painful that I wanna DIE.
Why is it so easy for others to judge you? They don't know the whole story! In fact-they know NOTHING! But still they keep on making things worse. You have no other choice but to accept all the things they say about you-most of it are not even TRUE. You try to speak up for yourself. But it's useless. The most painful part is...the person you expect to believe in you turned his back and he never believed you at all. You keep on explaining your side, but it's as if he hears nothing. You try to reach out, but he walks away. You thought he would understand, be by your side, help you during the times you need him the most-but he NEVER did. Where are now all the promises? the hopes?the wishes? It's ALL gone. It's just so stupid of you to believe everything. Yeah, maybe it's right to say promises are made to be broken. I realized that not all things have a happy ending..As of now? I'm totally BROKEN..

No More Fairytales For ME

I used to think that life is a fairytale...
Full of magic,exciting, vivid! BUT that was a LONG time ago..Now I know that there's more to life than just "HAPPILY EVER AFTER".. I've learned that I get wiser each day..And NO FAIRY can lead me to a happy ending..
I decide..I struggle..And somehow I begin to understand..that I have the power to make each day BETTER than YESTERDAY..


Is everything fine? For me, ahmm, kindda. I'm not really in the mood today. I'm so exhausted! Our midterm exams just ended. Thank GOD it's over. I think my mind's gonna blow! I sleep at about 3 in the morning for the past week. Imagine? Cramming is not always a good option. But what can I do? I'm busy with the assigns, proj, research, reportings, laundry(?), dishes(?), blah blah blah.. I always motivate my self to study a week before. But it's not enough. huuuh! It's Ok. I know I can do this. Just gimme a massage and a hot fudge! Hmmmmmmm..
Anyways, have I mentioned that dad went to Malaysia? Well. He did. They had a seminar there. I'm so delighted with all the pasalubongs I got from him. Most esp. the cute pink bag he gave me. So cute! So ME! ahaha! Naaahhhh! 'nough of this. I'm gonna end my post here. I wanna rest. Sleppy...totally out.. zZzzzzZZzz..


It was late in the afternoon when I heard the news about what happened in the LDT Building Parking Lot. Rumors were fast spreading throughout the campus. It was said that 2 freshmen students (girl and boy) had been caught inside the known adventure car between 9-10 in the MORNING ‘doing’ something. Some students and teachers SAW the whole scene. Others would describe it as a LIVE SHOW. Eeeewwww! They even tried to escape when the guard was about to seize them. I really don’t understand why they did that scandalous thing in the middle of the morning! Can’t they wait? O-M-G! Because of what happened our school was all over the news. It was being talked in Bombo Radyo. I think radio announcers were so unfair. They generalize the whole thing. Not all students of CPU are like that. Our school has nothing to do with their ACT. It was their CHOICE. I think they should be ashamed of what they did. They ruined our school’s reputation. They ruined their family’s honor. They ruined themselves. They ruined everything. I don’t think they still have the face to show to the world. Oh well. Life is like that. We should really be aware of our acts and decisions. At the same time, we must face the consequences of our actions. ‘til next time! MWAH!