This post is intended only for my very gwapo and cute boypren. Hahaha. And the dog in the picture is my symbol of "pang asar" to him. Hahaha. Hindi niyo siguro ma gets kasi kami lng ang nagkakaintindihan (whew!haba! :D) dito. Though he's really dying to buy a new dog. Well, again. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BF! I know you're super duper to the highest level happy--with ME. Hahaha. ILYSM! *Smoooches!


I was insensibly surfing the net when I stumble upon this attention-grabbing image-slash-quote or whatever you may call it (Haha). It’s really fascinating and *cute! Gosh! It made my draining daylight hours! Actually, it’s the last day of our duty in the hospital—but only for the 1st rotation. Next week, we’ll be in our CHN in the community. 'Nuff of that.

Back to the image. Well, it did put a smile on my face. Parang joke. Haha. Marami pang pa-ligoy2x isa lang nman ang gustong sabihin. We are all caught red handed to this. We do not tell directly what we truly want to say. My gaaahd. Why are we so twisty sometimes? Wala lng nman. It just made me wonder. :))
My Top 5 "LIKES" of the Day:
I am completely amazed how people think these days. LOL. :))

1. "Become a Fan" is old, I want to "Become an Air Conditioner".
2. "HEY, WHO STOLE MY...nevermind i found it."
3. "OHH FUCK ITS A SPIDER!" "Dude calm down its just a spi....OH SHIT THAT BITCH IS HUGE!" *Kills it with remote*."
4. "Okay, I will get out of the bed in 10 seconds. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-9-9-9.."
5. "B.S'ing homework two minutes before class and getting full credit."
What will happen to me for the next 24 hours?
(according to FB. LOL.)

Allysia will encounter this for the next 24 hours:
"She will be burried alive and survive for a few hours underground, then spiders will invade her body and kill her from the inside."

Hahaha. I doubt if this will happen. Scary though. Jeeeez!
I am so disappointed in some things I can't tell..coz I can't share it to you. Secret na lang. Hahahaha. I managed to laugh. A FAKE laugh, OK? How can I be so fake. Wheew! Forget it! I just have to prepare myself for tomorrow. Coz I know tom..will be a sleeping marathon day! Hahahaha. (fake.fake.fake) :p

I'm still here in school at 7pm, suppose to be I should be home right now. It's raining. My cellphone's bat is EMPTY and HE DON'T UNDERSTAND! Yeah, I think so.
I wanna scream, throw my phone (w/c I already did) wala PULOS! uurghh! WHY? WHY? WHY? I could kill someone right now!

"Now that I have a gun, you may run or hide."-status of the day. :/