Vacations are always lots of fun! It’s the time where you can go anywhere and everywhere and do whatever you feel like to do as long as it isn’t at home! Especially this summer! You can grab your friends and enjoy every second, every minute, every hour of the day! =)

My Dream Destination:


What to do: Whether I’m going to Tokyo, Florida, Paris or Hong Kong, for me, any Disneyland park is a wonderland of fun and adventure! I’ll get to meet my favorite fairy tale characters while having a terrific time riding all the happy rides! WhohOo!

What to bring: Hmmm. Just lots of energy and my wishes! Heheh! They just may come true in Disneyland! =)

Fave Travel Pals: Family and my BFF! They’re fun to be with and they’re close to my heart!

Oh! I’m 16 years old but I’m always a kid at heart! Hahah!

The New mE!

Ever noticed how milestones trigger makeovers? During my weeklong stay in iloilo, I always splurge time in my tita’s salon. I’m there almost everyday. But cutting my hair never crossed my mind! Weird. Hahah! But something happened. The night before we’re going back home here in Binalbagan, I just see my self in the mirror with Sandy cutting my hair! WhaAahH! My mom even asked, ”Why did you do it? Were you depressed?” Wait, what’s the connection between depression and a haircut? I really don’t understand! Hahah! It’s just that I’m going to college and I’ll be embarking on a totally new journey and I wanted to be ready. That’s why I chopped off my hair and change its style.

I used to be afraid of change. I kept trying to fix things so that they happened the same way. But I’ve come to realize what’s so great about it-the chance to become a better version of yourself. And it can be as simple as how you dress to as life changing as how you treat your friends. So if you aren’t too hot about your life right now, don’t lose hope. You can always do something about it.

Well, it’s now a NEW and BETTER ME! =)

By the way,

I’m back in my hometown! Hahaha! I xuper missed my room! Uhmmm. It’s definitely good to be back! Home Sweet Home! Wheheh!

Why I loOve my self??

I'm totally not the right person to answer this question! hahaha! I've always complained about a lot of things. I would even spend hours just looking at my self in the mirror. Well, there's nothing wrong with me. People even say I'm pretty! Lolz! As the saying goes, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". Others may also say I'm not. It actually depends on you. Hmmmm. I'm also smart. I never had a failing grade-ever! But you know, I've always have the feeling that something's lacking or it's not just enough. Especially when I see models in the ads with their flawless fkin, super shiny hair and toned tummy. Now, this is when you say, "But their models! They have to look that way!" And I agree. But a mean voice in my head would yap, "You're too far from them! Look at your self! Try not to pig out and that tummy will never shrink!" And I'd feel really ugly.

Now I realized(okay a friend helped too) that I shouldn't compare my self to others. I have better things to do than to put my self down. I force the bad thought out of my head and start doing something else or start thinking happy thoughts-one little thought is enough to jumpstart happy hormones. And now, I'm just happy to be me-that is, imperfect-because through dissapointments and Oops! moments, I learn how to be stronger and I look forward to waking up everyday not knowing what will happen next.

Love yourself! awkeish? =)

"I love small talks"

--> my ghurl friends and meh!(@@,)
My most memorable, fun-filled time with girl friends are those spur-of-the-moment get-togethers where we chat and laugh our heads off over the most frivolous things. Ouir topics range from the latest news to the silliest jokes, to waxing philosophical over life and love, boys, embarrasing moments, tv craze and irratating people (w/ their code names! hahah!). Oh! how I love my girl friends! We could actually talk about anything under the sun! or even when it's raining!We don't care! What's important is we super enjoy our times being together.Lov yah chai's!=)

iloilo invasion

whAah!hello people!mis me? hahah! but i so damn misshuu! sob! im already here in iloilo.It's my 2nd day here. Remember what I said? That I dont wanna b here? well, that's bcoz I miss my fwnds, my room, everything I have left in binalbagan!but on second thought i'm already enjoying my stay here. heheh! I loOovE going to malls and shop nonstop, watch movies, go to different resto's and eat a lot, aircon all day, hang-out in my tita's salon and be w/ the funny ang gorgeous gays who work there. hahah! my God! they're so beautiful! the first time you see them, you would actually think they're real girls! Hmmm. I will be here for 6 days more. I hope I won't gain xtra pounds! hahah! Actually, I'm staying in Camp Delgado. My dad works here. He's a high rank policeman,you know. A colonel. Scary! yeah. He's super strict! uhuhu! and I'm seeing lots of uniformed men(and women too!) w/ their licensed guns here! whahah! I know I'm super safe! Haiz...
I think I'll end my blog entry here.
'nxt tym ulit!umwAahhxX!

The Things I Learned At 16

* Be true to yourself.

”I’m true to myself. Sometimes, people misinterpret it as being pasaway, but at least I know who I am and where I stand. They can’t take that away from me!”

*Value what you have now.

”A year ago, I cherished being a teenager and doing all the fun, irresponsible things only a teen can do. I had a piercing on my right ear, which my parents don’t want to. Well, for me its cool, you know. A lot of guys had courted me in the past and I didn’t tell my ‘rents coz I know they’ll be angry. I currently have a boyfriend for more than 1 year, which my dad doesn’t know until now. Sometimes I go with my friends w/o asking permission from them. Haiz. Now, I value my family the most. Because they could be gone tomorrow (Hope not!), and I don’t want to wallow in what could have been”.

* Don’t let anyone step on you.

”Learn how to defend yourself when you need to. It feels good knowing you can stand up for yourself. Just make sure you aren’t stepping on other people’s toes either”.

*Be responsible in everything that you do.

”Me myself and I make the choices in my life so I must be liable in the outcome of my decisions”.

5 Things You Didn't Know

  • If I want to be alone, some place I can read, I can write, I can dance, I can sing, I can cry, I can do whatever I want- I go to the BATHROOM.

  • I’m a TV addict! I can stay at home the whole day with nothing to do but to watch TV!

  • I can snap in and out of the world sometimes and go into my corner and I’m just there thinking about a lot of things-nothing serious but I just daydream all the time. Weird!

  • I’m kinda ‘kuripot’. Hahaha! I just wanna save for my future needs! Bleh!

  • I could get emotional sometimes. But I’m not an emo! Eeerrrr!

What's new?

Ahmm. Wanna know what’s new? Well, nothing so important. It’s just that I think my summer starts to get busy now. I have to attend almost everyday in the meeting of the Presentation ’08 staff of our school. I am part of the editorial board. We are the ones who are planning and working for the Batch ’08 yearbook. We have to meet deadlines because we want to release our yearbook as soon as possible. We have already finished the layouts and now we’re starting to encode the informations we’ve gathered. Actually it’s not that hard coz I’m super enjoying it. I just hope everything will turn out well and good.


I’m going to Iloilo this Sunday for some reasons. Haiz. The truth is I really don’t wanna go. I’m not in the mood and I love it in here. But I guess I have no choice. Don’t worry I’ll be back for sure! Mwahx!

mah HOT summer picZz!

My piczz from ARTISTIC Diving and Beach Resort at Sipalay City!..

My Seven Deadly Sins


I was totally furious when…some jealous bitch gave me a nasty comment in my friendster account! ArgGHhH! I’m sure the person responsible for it is a girl. It’s pretty obvious. I tried to know who she was but I guess she terminated her own account after giving me her spiteful comment. Duh? I know it was out of jealousy! How pathetic! Get LOST you LOSER!


Totally felt envious of…Angelina Jolie! Oh! How I wish I could have her voluptuous lips! And with Brad Pitt around, I could not ask for more! Bwahaha!


Please don’t make me…exercise! My mom wakes me up early in the morning to get me started on my crunches and leg raises. But the moment she leaves the room, I’m back to sleep! ZzzZzz!


My hoard piece is…anything that has to do with pink! I totally love pink! I have lots of pink stuff in my room.


My pig-out faves…are Junkfoods! Hahaha! I know it’s not good for my health but I just can’t help it! Esp. when I’m watching TV, I could eat 2-3 bags in one sitting! They’re really sinful!


I’m totally lovin’ my…eyes, and I would be lying if I didn’t say so. People say it’s really nice. I’m also proud of how smooth and shiny my hair is.


My fantasy one-night stand is…I would never have a one-night stand! Imagine the thought of having them for a moment and not forever. That sucks!

I call her ABBY

Hmmmm...I would like to share something to u. it’s about a girl who has become a part of my life. I can say that she has a very strong personality. She does what she think is right w/o any fear. She could punch you right away if you had done something to her or to her friends. She doesn’t care what people may say. She’s sort of a boyish type of girl. She doesn’t like make-up and she still haven’t been in love! Hahaha! On the other hand, I’m a type of girl who is so into girly things. I love pink. I love to go shopping. I love blogs. I have lots of crushes and I I’m so in love! Hahaha! But you know even though we’re kinda opposite to each other we still have some similarities. We’re both cute and charming. Bwahaha! We’re one of the most important people of d PARTIANS Barkada, we hate the same people, we both love to eat(BleEh!), we love to give codenames, we’re pretty and talented, intelligent and sociable,

and most of all we are the Best of Friends!

She’s my BFF! And I uber love her!

You wanna know her?



And I call her Abby..=)

missing you

Oh my god! I haven’t noticed how time runs so fast. I remembered the first time I step into HS. It seems like yesterday. I have met the people whom I learned to love. I will never forget all the memories we had. I would like to thank personally my ‘bestest’ friends who have become a family to me. They are my PARTIANS barkada. They never fail to comfort me when I’m so down. They are with me during the happiest and saddest moments in my life. And during the times of necessity, they’re always there to save me. I will miss them so much. To abby(BFF forever), Hannah, trixie, alona and Gabriel, tnx for all the times we’ve been together. Thank you for sharing your life with me. I have so many joyful memories with you guys. I love you so much. To angelo, Diana, kit2, kim, emem and ronnel, u made my life extra colorful. I so heart all of you. To all the NARRA class of BCCHSD batch ’08, I will never forget you my dear classmates.


Now I will be facing another phase in my life. I’m now in college.I hope I could manage my self well. Good luck to me!Oh well..I know life doesn’t end here. It’s just a start of a new beginning. So here’s to the next chapter in my life! Mwahx!


..whahah..I'm here again..I just freshen up..u's summer's so HOT!..aRgGhH!..well..I have the feeling that im gonna have a not so exciting summer..Except the fact that just last week me and my family went to Sipalay City to witness the beauty of Artistic Diving Beach Resort..There's so many foreigners there!..hahah..actually..I've got to meet some..hmmm..the beach is xuper nice!plus the white sand and the refreshing air..haiz..and that's it!..dnt know what's next to come..i hope I'm wrong with my perception bout me having a not-so-fun summer!..uhuhu..wish me luck!..wabyuu!..

YFC-->simply the best..

  • ..Oh mY..

    ..i just came from one of our trainings in YFC..
    (Youth for Christ)

    ..I'm a solid member in this org..

    ..u know,it's just so fulfilling that u have given ur time to GOD and to the people hu needs u..


    ..being in YFC is really fun..

    ..I'm just sad bcOz I'm not gonna see my bro's and sis in YA always at this point..


    ..I knOw they'll understand..

    ..just keep in touch guys..

    ..tnx sOo much!..

    ..4 evrything..


happy pupuh!..


..partians ok pah muh??..

..ubusay balay sg mga fwnds
tah sa san vicente?!..

..auz aHHh..


..gudluck nlg sa gb.e!..



..c u krn!..

..mwaAhxXx!.. people it's fiesta here in san vicente..and me and my fwnds are having a lot of fun!..It's also like a reunion for all of us!..cOz in a few months from now we won't see one another! sad..uhuhu..i will surely miss all of them!..haiz..we're college nxt xkul year!..I really don't know what to xpect..but im sOoo xcited!..well..gudlck to our college life!..cheers people!..

loots of love,