Dear Blog,

It’s been a very long time since my last post here. A LOT of things happen. I don’t even know when to start, but I guess I will not put the details anymore or else I will finish this post forever (overstated). I’m sorry I ignored you. There are things which I believe needs more of my time. And I regret that. I get a hold of you for 3 years now. And I will still have you for MORE years to come. Even though I don’t get to post often, still I will try my very best. You know why? Because I have realized something which I should have thought long before...

who listens to me (in a way) without complaints, who lets me write without judgements, who makes me feel better after pouring out EVERYTHING. YOU ARE MY ESCAPE. And I hope you will not get tired of me telling you how tired I am on everything else. Thank you for understanding. Let’s face tomorrow with a smile. Let’s hope for the best. I MISSED YOU.

Me <3


Be back soon.

I am so touched. Haaaaay.

I’m txting my boyfriend. He asks if he could go to the mall to buy a mouth solution for his "singaw" or mouth sores (He can’t stand the pain any longer .He can’t even eat well. *sob.) and to duplicate the key in their apartment with his apartmates. :D So I said, okay.

Then, I remembered I also have to buy something really really important. AS IN. But I don’t think it’s appropriate for him to buy it for me. Cause you know, it a girl’s thing. :D It’s actually the “cry of my frustrated uterus” of the month. Haha. So in short, I have my period. And I NEED to buy sanitary napkins cause I have no stocks left. At first I was hesitant to ask. I even said never mind cause I don’t think he’ll do it. But he’s persistent to know what is it he could do. So I told him about it. I was SURPRISED when he said OK right away without even thinking that it could lessen his “macho image”. Helloooooo? You know guys, right? eeek! But my gaaaaahd.. I really don’t mind if he’ll say no, coz I’ll super understand! But he said YES! Haaaay. He really do love me. Don’t you think? :D


I want to share with you some pictures we had when we were having our duty in the hospital. BUT you must know na ITO AY BAWAL. Hahaha. Bringing cellphones, digi cams, or other gadgets are BAWAL. Pero dahil mababait kami ginawa pa rin namin ang bawal. LOL. :D



taga punas ng pweeeh! pweeet!

Sometimes I really do wonder why I took up nursing. Our country is flooded with nurses na nga eh! Well, perhaps I wanted to serve the “$uffering” Humanity? Hahaha! Naaah. Just kidding. Delete the dollar sign. (Sure?).Hihi. :DD

Many names were given to us: chulaleeys, yayabells, at tga punas ng pweet to name a few. Pero whatever you say, we know that what we do is something special. We CARE. The smiles and the thank you's of our patients will never be replaced. Naaaks! :D

Hiding. Taking the chance. Nerve-wracking. Fun.


in the eyes...

Prelims just ended. And look what I’ve got? EYE BAGS. Yeeeaah. (But it’s not that bad. Right?) Could somebody console me? Hrrrrr. :(
We still have the Midterms, Pre Fi and the Finals. More to go! Ha. Ha. Ha. Haaay.

This post is intended only for my very gwapo and cute boypren. Hahaha. And the dog in the picture is my symbol of "pang asar" to him. Hahaha. Hindi niyo siguro ma gets kasi kami lng ang nagkakaintindihan (whew!haba! :D) dito. Though he's really dying to buy a new dog. Well, again. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BF! I know you're super duper to the highest level happy--with ME. Hahaha. ILYSM! *Smoooches!


I was insensibly surfing the net when I stumble upon this attention-grabbing image-slash-quote or whatever you may call it (Haha). It’s really fascinating and *cute! Gosh! It made my draining daylight hours! Actually, it’s the last day of our duty in the hospital—but only for the 1st rotation. Next week, we’ll be in our CHN in the community. 'Nuff of that.

Back to the image. Well, it did put a smile on my face. Parang joke. Haha. Marami pang pa-ligoy2x isa lang nman ang gustong sabihin. We are all caught red handed to this. We do not tell directly what we truly want to say. My gaaahd. Why are we so twisty sometimes? Wala lng nman. It just made me wonder. :))
My Top 5 "LIKES" of the Day:
I am completely amazed how people think these days. LOL. :))

1. "Become a Fan" is old, I want to "Become an Air Conditioner".
2. "HEY, WHO STOLE MY...nevermind i found it."
3. "OHH FUCK ITS A SPIDER!" "Dude calm down its just a spi....OH SHIT THAT BITCH IS HUGE!" *Kills it with remote*."
4. "Okay, I will get out of the bed in 10 seconds. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-9-9-9.."
5. "B.S'ing homework two minutes before class and getting full credit."
What will happen to me for the next 24 hours?
(according to FB. LOL.)

Allysia will encounter this for the next 24 hours:
"She will be burried alive and survive for a few hours underground, then spiders will invade her body and kill her from the inside."

Hahaha. I doubt if this will happen. Scary though. Jeeeez!
I am so disappointed in some things I can't tell..coz I can't share it to you. Secret na lang. Hahahaha. I managed to laugh. A FAKE laugh, OK? How can I be so fake. Wheew! Forget it! I just have to prepare myself for tomorrow. Coz I know tom..will be a sleeping marathon day! Hahahaha. (fake.fake.fake) :p

I'm still here in school at 7pm, suppose to be I should be home right now. It's raining. My cellphone's bat is EMPTY and HE DON'T UNDERSTAND! Yeah, I think so.
I wanna scream, throw my phone (w/c I already did) wala PULOS! uurghh! WHY? WHY? WHY? I could kill someone right now!

"Now that I have a gun, you may run or hide."-status of the day. :/
Allysia seems so HAPPY.
Looking at her previous posts, you can tell how upset
and frustrated
she was! But now... Hmmm..
Can you crack it up? What's the real deal?
Well. Well. Well.
(*I'm talking to myself again. weirdooo. :/ )
But anyways,
Wanna know
flaws and all.
love. love. love.

*I just hope I don't mess up again.
I'll keep my fingers crossed! Hrrr.

Will Always Be Loved

"You may not be her first, her last, or her only. She loved before she may love again. But if she loves you now, what else matters? She's not perfect - you aren't either, and the two of you may never be perfect together but if she can make you laugh, cause you to think twice, and admit to being human & making mistakes, hold onto her & give her the most you can. She may not be thinking about you every second of the day, but she will give you a part of her that she knows you can break - her heart. So don't hurt her, don't change her, don't analyze and don't expect more than she can give. Smile when she makes you happy, let her know when she makes you mad, & miss her when she's not there." -Bob Marley

I've read this from / / P e n s i e v e.
wonder why everything that is sad,
feels so relevant. :(

shout out

All that I'm after is a LIFE full of LAUGHTER
As long as I'm laughing with YOU

And I think all that still matters is a LOVE ever after
After the life we've been through

Cause I KNOW there's


Cool Off

Will I ever change?
Or he just have to accept who I am, flaws and all?

I know my faults. I admit that. Whether he believes it or not it's not always intentional. It's just me being so careless and tends to forget a lot of things. I don't know how I will be able to explain that to him using the most appropriate words as possible without sounding like I blame it all to him (that's what he thinks, actually). Let's just say I have a terrible disease which may hurt you over and over again without I knowing it. I'm trying my best to overcome it, I really do! But I just always stumble, making a fool of myself over and over again. I'm just so stupid and probably the most dense person ever! I hate myself for that. Despite of me being all that, will you still stay? or will you walk away?

It seems like forever since my last post here.
I really do have a lot of things to blog about
but I'm not just in the mood, I think. Maybe
next time! Ciao! d--b


What will you do when you are facing/choosing between two choices?
"toss a coin"
it works not because it settles the question for you,
but when the coin is in the air,
you suddenly know what you are hoping for!