I am so touched. Haaaaay.

I’m txting my boyfriend. He asks if he could go to the mall to buy a mouth solution for his "singaw" or mouth sores (He can’t stand the pain any longer .He can’t even eat well. *sob.) and to duplicate the key in their apartment with his apartmates. :D So I said, okay.

Then, I remembered I also have to buy something really really important. AS IN. But I don’t think it’s appropriate for him to buy it for me. Cause you know, it a girl’s thing. :D It’s actually the “cry of my frustrated uterus” of the month. Haha. So in short, I have my period. And I NEED to buy sanitary napkins cause I have no stocks left. At first I was hesitant to ask. I even said never mind cause I don’t think he’ll do it. But he’s persistent to know what is it he could do. So I told him about it. I was SURPRISED when he said OK right away without even thinking that it could lessen his “macho image”. Helloooooo? You know guys, right? eeek! But my gaaaaahd.. I really don’t mind if he’ll say no, coz I’ll super understand! But he said YES! Haaaay. He really do love me. Don’t you think? :D


I want to share with you some pictures we had when we were having our duty in the hospital. BUT you must know na ITO AY BAWAL. Hahaha. Bringing cellphones, digi cams, or other gadgets are BAWAL. Pero dahil mababait kami ginawa pa rin namin ang bawal. LOL. :D



taga punas ng pweeeh! pweeet!

Sometimes I really do wonder why I took up nursing. Our country is flooded with nurses na nga eh! Well, perhaps I wanted to serve the “$uffering” Humanity? Hahaha! Naaah. Just kidding. Delete the dollar sign. (Sure?).Hihi. :DD

Many names were given to us: chulaleeys, yayabells, at tga punas ng pweet to name a few. Pero whatever you say, we know that what we do is something special. We CARE. The smiles and the thank you's of our patients will never be replaced. Naaaks! :D

Hiding. Taking the chance. Nerve-wracking. Fun.


in the eyes...

Prelims just ended. And look what I’ve got? EYE BAGS. Yeeeaah. (But it’s not that bad. Right?) Could somebody console me? Hrrrrr. :(
We still have the Midterms, Pre Fi and the Finals. More to go! Ha. Ha. Ha. Haaay.