Let me start this post with a text message quip.
"Taking a nursing course is like strolling in a park..Jurassic Park."
Am I suppose to laugh? Haha. I see in your mind's eye the look on your faces. You don't even have to let the cat out of the bag. (For those with the BIG "?" on their heads, this simply means you don't even have to tell it.) Haha.
Anyways, I already enrolled myself for this school year (1st semester). I'm on my 2nd year in college! Can you imagine how time just seems to whoosh by? With all the comings and goings, I'm just in high spirits that my 1st year in college was over and done. So far so good. But as my level increases, I know I'll be expecting more bumps on the road, more struggles, more on everything!
And GUESS what?
I HATE MY SCHED! Hrrrrrrr!
WHY?! Health Care w/c will be one of my major subjects this sem is from 2pm-8pm! Urgh! 6 HOURS?! 8 PM?! Oh crap! And i have classes almost everyday w/c will end like 7 or 8pm! How's that!Errrr!
Who wants to exchange their last names w/ me?! Grrrrr. (the schedule is based on our section w/c is alphabetical!) Huhu.
Now. where's the f***** DINOSAURS! GAME ON!