A Secret To Keep

“..I’ll tell you a secret..I already have a baby..”

This is what I heard from my classmate and a very good friend of mine. I was so shocked when I heard the exact words she told me! I can’t believe it! I almost fell off my chair…
It was a week or two after the opening of the class when I developed a certain friendship with two pretty girls in the room. One of them is my group mate in our laboratory class. I will just hide them with the names ‘Wakwak’ and ‘Mana’ (short for manananggal). Weird? Hahah! I label them as ‘Aswangs’. Maybe you’re wondering, why? Well. It came to be when me and bff saw them with cutie guys after our PE class. Then we teased them, “Hala. Naka-dagit naman kmu huh”. Of course, they denied. According to them, they’re just their high school friends. Hmmm. That’s where it all started.
Weeks passed by and our friendship grew each day. It’s getting to a higher level. One day, I noticed that there’s something wrong. ‘Wakwak’ is not as jolly as she is. It’s obvious that there’s something bothering her. She confessed to me that she feels bad towards our two classmates. She thinks that they are judging her because of her physical look. I was confused. I asked, “Why? You’re pretty and you have no prob with your weight as well”. She said, “No. My body is different before”. I don’t have any idea of what she’s talking about. Then she said, “I’ll tell you a secret”. After that she showed to me a picture of a cute baby. I wondered. Then she adds, “I already have a baby. Here she is”. I don’t know what to say! I was blank for how many seconds. I just looked at her and understood everything. Now, I know.
She said it was something she had never regret of doing. Her family and friends accepted her and they all love the baby. I was so touched. At that moment, I super admire her for her courage. Imagine? She had gone through all those things at her very young age. Haiz.
I realized that not all teens undergo the same life. Before, I thought that having no allowance for a week because you’re grounded is a big prob already. Well. There’s something much bigger than that. My friend has really inspired me. I’m super proud of her and I wish her all the best. Eneweiz. Her baby will be baptized this July. I hope I could be the ‘Ninang’. Heheh. ‘till next time! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!

What's Up?

Hi people! How’s life? I’m sOOo worn-out! It’s 8:30 pm and I just arrived from school. But I still have the ‘oomph’ to surf the net-you know, it’s my stress buster! My last class is Psycho and to tell you honestly it’s so dull. I can even snooze w/ our prof not noticing me! But in fairness to me, I can resist the urge to sleep. Hmmm. I can say that me and almost all of my cm8s are very good friends now. You know-close enough to tell secrets and our most embarrassing moments. Hahah! We also share loads of things and gossip a lot! It’s nothing serious. Just to kill time during our vacant hours.

Yesterday was our PE class. We jogged at the University ground. It was so wide! I can feel the pain in my ankles and legs-even up to now! I’m almost catching my breath after 2 rounds of jogging! wHoOh! We are in fact preparing for the ‘Milo Marathon’. Our school is joining together with the other Universities throughout the country. We can’t say no coz it’s one of our requirements in PE. Haiz. And tomorrow will be our NSTP. I chose LTS. Watyya think? Heheh. Well, college life is indeed so busy. But I’m actually getting used to it. Catch yah next time! Here’s a kiss for my avid readers! umu’aHHhh!..=)

'nother DAY ...

Eheeeemmm. Our PE class has ended. But actually, we really didn't have a class. ahaha! Our prOf had some important things to do. So we just signed our attendance sheet and went off. ahaha! Me and Bff together with our cm8s-slash-friends agreed to visit OoZOoh(it's a net cafe in front of CPU) anyway I have plenty of time. Ahmmmm. Remember the pink car I told you? Well. I'm gonna post it now. See also some pics I have here in CPU. Enjoy! Btw, I'm all alone now. My mom, dad, and bro went home in Negros just this morning. uhuhu! I'm a little bit scared. But it's okay. I know I can manage. Hmmmmm. So what can I say? 'till nxt time! umu'aAhHhugzz!

A Day in my LIFE

Exact date when I wrote this post: Fri June 6,'08
Good mown people! Time check: 6:20 am. whew! I'm already here in school. Every MWF my Fil class would start 7 am. So, I see to it that at 6 am I'm already riding the jeep. As usual, I haven't eat my breakfast. Sob! I'm one of the 1st few people here. It's so early! I'm here in the lobby, in front of the Half Moon Drive. I'm waiting for BFF-everyday! ahaha!

Yesterday, BFF and I saw a PINK VOLKSWAGEN CUTE CAR parking in front of the building we last attended! I can't get my eyes of it! I sOoo love the car that I want to take it home! hahah! Ofcourse, I can't do that. So, BFF just took a picture of the car with me beside it in a "pawala-effect". ahihi! The good thing is the CENTRALIANS(it's what you call students who are studying in CPU) who are passing by didn't notice. Well, I think so. heheh! I'll post the pic here ASAP. That's it for now! Catch yah next time! umu'AaHhh!=) --> love this smiley! heheh!


Hey! You know what I hate 'bout college? It's WAKING UP EARLY. I have to be out of bed as early as 5 am! Imagine? I'm still so sleepy and most of the time I don't eat my breakfast! I have no time! And guess what? I have to ride the jeep for 30 min to 1 hr(if it's traffic)! Haiz. So tiring and at the same time I'm starving! I'll bet I'm gonna lose some wieght! ahaha! Anyway, I'm actually writing my posts during breaks or when our teacher is not around. And when I have time to go to the 'net cafe's, I'll post it right away. ahihi. That's it for now! Kipxafe people! umu'AHhh! =)


Hello. I'm sorry to keep you waiting for my next post. Anything new?Well. Actually it's my 3rd day in CPU. But our formal classes would probably start next week. At the moment we're just having some orientation for each subject. Me and my cm8's are in the "getting to know you" stage. It's good that me and BFF already have some group of friends to hang-out with. They're nice and fun too. But no one can replace the PARTIANS barkada-ever! I so miss them! uhuh!
And you know what I found out? The guards are super strict! You can't enter the school premises if there's something you do-slash-wear that is not allowed. Here's the list of some of them.
NO PIERCINGS (too bad I have one-but the good thing is the guards didn't notice!xp)
Haiz. As of now, I'm still adjusting to my new life as a college student. But I know in God's time, I can be used to it! Wish me luck! ;]