Dear Self

Hello & Goodbye

It’s the scariest thing ever to realize how much someone means to you. When it hits you, I mean really hits you, all these thoughts and questions rush through your head at once. A sad emotion even starts to creep on you slowly inch by inch as you start to wonder.

What if for some reason things don’t work out? – How are you possible to live without them?

Someone that was once a stranger now is the only person you know like the back of your hand. Someone you once had no emotions for, now has the power to break your heart. Someone you never used to hang out with, now owns most of your time. Someone you never thought you love, now owns your entire heart. Someone you once lived without, you now wish to hold onto forever.

BUT nothing's ever forever, forever's a lie. All we have is between hello and goodbye.

It's Just How It Is

You can hide the pain that you feel and make others believe you can move on but you can never deny the truth to yourself that the person who has failed and hurt you is still the person you’ll always choose to love.


and it's not a happily ever after.

Medical Mission

Just this morning, the members of the SNAP (Student Nurses Association of the Philippines)-CPU Council participated in a Medical Outreach held at Core Shelter Area, Uswag Village, Jaro, Iloilo City with the Rotary Theme: “Reach Within to Embrace Humanity”. We are very fortunate for having been able to partake in this event. I really like going to medical missions ever since. It gives me a feeling of fulfilment that I am able to serve those who really are in need and who are suffering from abject poverty.

I was assigned together with 4 of my classmates to the Medical Education area. Some members of the Rotarac Club Iloilo were also there to help us through. It’s quite challenging because we have to make sure that every person understood clearly what their medication is and how they are going to consume them (plus the fact that there were countless of people there and every person has various medicines. CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT?). IKR. Whew!

But you know what? No matter how exhausted I am, at the end of the day I’m still very pleased. Seeing the smiles of the people there (especially the kids and the elderly) and hearing them say “Thank You” is so overwhelming that no amount of money can ever compare to that. Hihi. :)

What a day! I need to rest though. I’m so dead on your feet. Tssssss.

Day 04 What You Ate Today

I wasn’t able to eat my meal for breakfast. I’m afraid I’ll be late for duty so I just had a glass of green tea. We’re currently on duty in the community, so we’re ought to bring a packed lunch. We had lunch there with the family assigned to us. After duty I was craving for spaghetti, so I had one. Nam. Nam. Then after that, just random foodstuff (CHIPS & some SWEETS). I told you, I eat a lot. OINKY! LOL.

Goodbyes Are Never Easy

Our 3 weeks of exposure in Asilo de Molo has already ended. And believe me, it’s not easy. At first I thought I will be pleased because it would mean NO more mopping the floor, No more washing the dishes, No more cleaning the droppings (poop) of the elderly and at last we say adieu to the unpleasant smell of the place. (Forgive me, I’m just being honest-not a hypocrite who pretends to do otherwise).

BUT as what they say, things happen for a reason. As time goes by, I started to do things not because I have to but because I want to; not because I was asked to but because I’m happy to. I’ve learned to care for those people whom I barely know. “Those people” now became a significant part of me. I’ve learned to love them.

The Lolo’s and Lola’s in Asilo are special. They may not have the best of everything (some had gone through difficulties and sickness which you wouldn’t ever wish to go through) but they have been blessed with people who truly care for them. And I thank God for giving me the opportunity to have this experience which I’ll never ever forget.

Let me share some pics with you:

This is Lola Mag’s. She’s my super duper best lola ever! We have a special relationship and I it was heartbreaking when I said goodbye. She really cried and it made me cry too! I’m really gonna miss her! :’(

Lola is sooo cute when she’s making faces like this. Yaaaay! :)

One of our “train-train” moment. :P

Lola is showcasing her talent which is SINGING! Haha.

Here, I told Lola to give chance to others because she insists on singing more. Haha. She’s really so adooooorable!

Lola’s FANS. Hahaha!

Here with Lolo Esperidion. He is disoriented to time, place and person and with a right sided paralysis. Taking care of him is a challenge but I don’t mind. It’s the 2nd time I was assigned to him. The first time was when I was still in 3rd year.

The ever cute and cuddly Lola Leah! :))

Here with the most well behaved Lolo Kiko. Obviously, his favourite hobby is sleeping. Haha!

Posing with the pink plates we donated. Haha!

With Fil Am & Julyen. HAHAHA!

How I wish my own grandparents were still alive. I could have cared for them even more. It’s sad how I was able to do things for others and not do it for them. It’s one of the things deeply regret. How I wish I could turn back time. :(

If you want to know more about ASILO de MOLO, simply "google it". :P

PRELIM EXAM tomorrow!

While I was having a break from studying (I badly need it cause I think my brain’s gonna explode), I hit upon this pic and it made me LOL. hahaha! I can super relate!!! I'm sure you too! Well anyhow, GOODLUCK on our exams! Imma burn my midnight candles yet again. Pft.