Hello Sembreak!

Final Exams:OVER
1st Semester:FINISH
(Whew! XD)

Things I'm blissful about: =)

*I got exempted from my 2 subjects in the finals.
*I already received my scholarship grant.
*I'll be back in my hometown. Bye City of LOVE, Hello City of SMILES.
*I'm gonna see my family and my oh-so-adorable pet-Bruce! Grrr!
*I'm looking forward for a reunion with friends. PARTIANS barkada!I miss 'em!
*I'll be able to sleep, sleep and sleep! Forty winks here I come! zZzZz...
*No more monster exams! Well. Maybe just for now.Bwahaha!

Things I'm gloomy about: =(

*I'll SUPER miss my MSL. Sob.
*I'll part ways with some of my cm8s in AHSE 1-E. So tear-jerking. I'll uber miss their company!Anyways, we're still in the same school. See yah around guys!
*I'll miss Chem. (ows?) Hmmm. Anyhow? Ma'am Baby Lou? Bwahah!
*I won't be able to have a glimpse of my crush every MWF. Lol.
*I'll be missing strawberry, tutti fruity ang bubblegum shakes!

Awtz. Enough of this drama. Sembreak will just be for 2-3 weeks. It's not that long.
Maybe just enough to take a break and loosen up for a jiffy.

On the contratry, 2nd sem is fast approaching...

What will happen next? Hmmm.


Everything Is Fine Now =)

"When something is over, it can never start again. When it's broken, I can never put back the pieces. Life is not the way I want it to be. When I know that someone is hurting me, I'll just stop. I know that it hurts a lot, but I must learn to let go. I won't push my self too hard. Because I know that in every 'Ending' there's such a thing that I call 'Beginning'."

STATUS: Happy =)