Hello! How’s your day? As for me, I’m totally worn-out! Suppose to be, it’s the last day of our U week but I decided not to go coz I’m suupeeer tired. Yesterday we had a parade and it was so so tiring. Walking for how many kilometers plus the yelling of our cheer (N-U-R-S-I-N-G NURSING!) made me feel like going home, rest and sleep the whole day! Haiz. But I must say that it was also fun! My classmates and I had nothing to do so we decided to do something else while in the parade. Hmmm. And what was it? Put our balloons in the faces of the passengers and traffic aids while they’re passing by us. Hahah! We also had a balloon fight! Whaaattaah! It’s Me VS Barney ( aka Adrian) and Julez. Tsk3. They had a hard time beating me. Bwahaha. We also enjoyed our picnic in the LDT building-except that they won’t let us out until 4 pm. =(

I went home to change clothes and freshen up and then go back at around 6 pm. I really enjoyed the whole time I’m there. I can’t explain the feeling. Why? Hmmmmm. Secret! Heheh. It was about 10:30 when I arrived home. The good thing is my Dad wasn't around-he went to Aklan. So he won't be able to scold me. ahihi! XD

Take a look at my picz. Enjoy!

Tinay and Me
*Soten shot! It was before the parade.
Nursing T-shirt

*I super like our shirt. Cute2. =)

Pink and Blue Balloons!
* Hmmm. We're not that ready. Bwahah!

This is BARNEY (Adrian).
*He keeps on teasing me. So I call him Barney(the friendly dinosaur). XD
In return, he calls me Betty(Betty Boop).

The Suductive
*naahh! just playing around. ahaha!

*This was taken after the parade.
*my alalay. joke! He's a good friend.
He brought my valuable things during the parade.
Thank you von!
Weng and Me
*whaataa pose! Don't mind me. HAHA!

Thank you for all the positive response of those who keeps on visiting my blog and read it’s content. You really inspire me. Here’s a kiss for all of you. Umu’aAhH.


Ciao! Sorry to keep you waiting for my next post. Haiz. I think you're wondering why am I so emotional these past few days. Hmmm. The truth is, I don't wanna talk about it anymore. I just want to think of something else (like 'happy thoughts' maybe), do other things and make the most out of my college life. Speaking of my life in college, we are celebrating our University Week. There are loads of exhilarating contests and surprises to watch out for. Well. I feel like I have to engage my self to different acitivities-so I may be able to forget what I really FEEL inside. Sob. OH MY-enough of this dilemma. Time to face the world with a happy face and it's gonna be a NEW and BETTER me-that's for sure!

Let's amend the topic.
Here's some of my pics I want to share with you.
Have a glimpse of my life in college...

Mommy Tin, Me and Lind's.

*We can talk all day! About what?



Cristine and Me
(secretly looking)
*Tin2 and I are always together.

She's there during the times I have no one to run to.

I really am thankful to have her around.

That's our shoes!

*Yeah. Mine's at the right side. I prefer flats.

So comfy. I can walk all day. Charot!

Here with Fil Am(my LAB gruopm8)

*Her name is so cute! It's so so unique! ahaha! XD

CONVERSE-cool huh?Tsk2.

*whOoh! The moment we saw this we went nuts!


*I think this photo was taken during our PSYCHO class.
I can actually sleep the whole period w/ our prof NOT noticing me.


*What am I thinking? Hmmmm.


Jemar and Louie
(evidence! anu nah?) XD

*They are uber funny!-->esp. Louie.

S/He would crank up jokes and you'll definitely laugh to death!

Hahaha! Exag. Grrrrr.

Exhausted classmates!

*While waiting impatiently for our prof.

"Sir? Din ka nah yah?"

Lindsay and Me
(girls will be girls)

* Lind's is trying to put some glitters on my beautiful eyes!

Bwahahaha! She's my kikay partner.

MORE pics at my FS account! =)