Laugh To Death

Uhh. Life's really unpredictable! There were so many things that happened to me this past few weeks. I just don't feel writing about it. Haha. Seems like my brain's too occupied with zoology and statistics. Hrrr. Our summer class will be over soon--just 1 week to go. I thought my summer would be boring--BUT surprisingly I wasn't bored at all! Haha. I had so much fun esp. w/ MSL around. :) I'll surely miss our laugh trips and FLASH NEWS: Si Gideon ay B _ K _ A! (fill in the missing letters) Haha. *peace giddy. ^______^ Hope Katel wouldn't read this. Haha.

Speaking of laugh trips, here's some pics you could laugh about---to death?Uhh. OVER
. Haha. Tell me what you think. OK? :) *Smoochies.