Just Saying

What do you feel when you love someone? If distilled down to it’s core components, what would those be? Yes, love is an emotion, a feeling, a wanting, and a “being”. We know it feels good, but what specific feelings, wantings, and beings are present when we feel love?

Love is Accepting.
Acceptance is labeling someone as “okay” and having no particular desire to change them. Who they are is perfectly fine with you. You pose no condition on whether you will love them or not. This is called unconditional love. When your love is conditional, the moment they step outside your set of conditions, love wanes. Consequently, love is rarely a constant state but fluctuates based on our degree of acceptance.

Love is Appreciating.
Appreciation is one step beyond acceptance. Its when your focus is on what you like about another. We look at them and feel this sweeping appreciation for who they are, their joy, their insights, their humor, their companionship, etc. When someone says they are “in love” with another, they mean their appreciation is so enormous for this person that it consumes their every thought.

Love is Wanting Another to Feel Good.
We want those we love to be happy, safe, healthy, and fulfilled. We want them to feel good in all ways, physically, mentally and emotionally.

OOOHH MEEEN! These chick-flick movies made me want
to talk about love again! Pfft.

Even when you're hanging by a THREAD

Life is a series of bridges. The hardest part is deciding which ones to cross and which to burn. Figuring out who to leave behind and who is worth risking it all. Who will be there waiting with open arms at the other end? Who will be cutting the rope as soon as you step on? You realize whether you’ve made the right decision when you’re about halfway across, but by that point, it’s too late to turn around. You have to push forward, slowly and carefully or quickly and recklessly. Whichever way you choose, you can’t look down, you can’t be afraid, there is no room for second guessing. Even when you’re hanging by a thread, even if the foundation is shaking, even when the fire at your back creeps closer, even when you lose sight of the other side, keep your head up, eyes forward, and faith strong. Doing all you can to resist the temptation to jump.

Cool With IT

I'm weird, yeah, what else is new.

I don't mind being called strange. Strange is a definition of not being pulled in by the crowd and do what everybody else is doing because that's exactly how my whole life has been. I've been so.. different (if that's how I simplify it, and to make it look sane).

You know my old habit of how I write stuffs on my notepad just to keep my thoughts flowing and it's not just about one particular stuff, occasionally about family stuffs, mostly about what I go through, what randomly pops in my head. So I really don't mind if some people don't get it, I'm cool with it.

I've been kinda busy these past few weeks. :3
Finals, Research Study, Pre-oral defense! Pfft.
Everything's over and done. Thank God. :DD
HELLOOOOO SEMBREAK!!!! Ugh. I'm 'effin excited to go home.