Poor Allysia ;[

Ok. Ok. Ok. It's been quite a while since my last post here. BUT I have my good raison d'etre---it's so forgivable. Haha. The last two weeks have been so tiring/exhausting/strenuous/arduous/wearing/laborious (super many adjectives to choose from!) for me. It's like 2 weeks full of EVERYTHING--the drama, the hustle and bustle, the sentiments, the cravings, crammings, gushy stuffs, ups and downs, oops moments and my list goes on... arrgh! I've been so busy I almost forgot my brother's birthday! Oh my--->thanked God my mom reminded me. If not I guess I'll still be bending on my knees asking him to forgive me. He's sooo matampuhin. Well, I can't really blame him---his older sis is much more matampuhin than he is. Hihi. MSL even labeled me as a 'sunggodera' for that same reason. For those who don't understand hiligaynon, sunggodera is the same as matampuhin. Toinks. ^______^

What made me so occupied? Hmmmmm. 95% of the reason is related to school! I bet you already get the picture. My brain is still coping from the previous pre-final exams. We also had our NSTP outreach program in Oton and just this morning in Sta. Barbara. Haaayy. I guess I will not be telling you the details of my other activities. I just don't have the oomph to type right now. Haha. Sluggishness syndrome is striking me. Haha.

Anyways, I'm alone again. Well. Because my Dad is not around. He went to Negros--he needs to work on something there. And because of the freedom that I have I went to Punta Villa with my friends for a swim. I went home late and Dad found out about it. Now. that explains the picture above. When he gets back here: IM DEAD.

A Message From a Lover

It's the LOVE month already. And I'm not bowled over to see and hear almost everyone having a chinwag about their so-called-love life. Whether you're Single, In a Relationship, Married or in a It's Complicated kind of thing you're not off the hook about this love fever. Hmmm. Last week I asked MSL if he could write something in my blog. Without any shilly-shallying, he agreed. I guess it's time for me to get a dose of romance. oh-em-gee. Here's what he wrote:

I'm So Blessed
(a message from a lover)

In my life right now, I feel so happy, so inspired, so elevated, satisfied, so contented. I have joy in my heart. I always wear a smile in my face. I feel at peace. I feel so in love. I feel so BLESSED. You know why? I got HER. She's mine now. She owns me. We've got each other.

Maybe you already know this girl I'm talking about but this time it's my turn to introduce her. This is how a lover sees the girl he loves.

Allysia Mae G. Lopez, soon to be Allysia Mae L. Herida is a beautiful, sexy, hot, stunning, cunning, adorable and witty young lady. She has a very kind heart. She's so sensitive but chooses to be quiet whenever she's hurt. This girl knows how to sacrifice. She puts other's safety first instead of hers. She's also a God-fearing woman. She considers her loved ones feelings before she makes any decisions. She has all the quality an ideal girl should have. For me, she's perfectly perfect. I love her for being true to herself. I love her for simply being herself. These are just SOME of the adjectives that suits and best describes her.

I won't let this go. I won't let her go. We will stay forever. No one can ever break us. "Loving her is as easy as breathing but leaving her is as painful as dying". I'll stop breathing if I don't see her anymore. I love her, with all I am, with everything I am.

*Haay. What can I say? You know the song of Rico Blanco...Your Universe? I think it's lyrics could shout my heart out..

---I don't think that you even realize the joy you make me feel when I'm inside..your universe.You hold me like I'm the one who's precious. I hate to break it to you but it's just the other way around. You can thank your stars all you want but..I'll always be the lucky one. =)

Unread Messages

I've been so hooked to friendster--every time I open my 2 accounts I get loads of friend requests and comments plus messages (I have 2998+ friends and it never-endingly increases in number). Am I that affable--or let's say cute? Haha. Then there's my multiply site which I keep updated with my up-to-the-minute pictures and "blah-blahs". And needless to say, my blog--it's pretty obvious. I super enjoy blog hopping and exchanging links with my fellow bloggers. It's nice to know that there are people who share the same interest as I do--and I get to learn from them as well.

Hmmm. I think there's something I have to do in half a shake--or an account I have to open maybe. *thinking. *loading. *busy. REFRESH! Aha! My MAILS! My gawd. It's been so long sinced I opened it! Urgh. I completely lost track about it. I'm such a scatter brained--a total blank. Oh my--I hurriedly signed in to yahoo mail and I can't believe what my eyes saw---1582 unread messages! It's a bolt from the blue--a shocker. How am I suppose to read all those messages? I dunno. Huhu. Maybe I'll just have to delete those that are not-so-important. Haiz. "allysia..allysia..allysia. Now you know your lesson. If you don't want to get stuck up and exert extra effort and TIME to read-slash-delete your messages, open it regularly." OK. Now, I'll take a deep breath and I have some reading to do. Whew.