What On Earth Am I Here For?

This Life is not all there is.

Life on Earth is just the dress rehearsal before the real production. Earth is the staging area, the preschool, the try out for our life in eternity. It is the practice workout before the actual game; the warm up lap before the race begins. This life is just the preparation for the next.


I reall dunno---but i believe that I have a purpose to fulfill. This purpose may not be easy to realize and recognize at first but if I'll dedicate my life to HIM for sure I will be guided and eventually I will be able to know what that purpose is. =)

and 1 thing is certain...

Life is just a temporary assignment---comparable to a mist, a breath, a wisp of smoke. So I'd say...

I am here on earth for just a little time and I'm gonna do my best to make it worthwhile. =)

jan+uary=JANUARY =)

January is definitely my month----no doubt about it.

Let me share to you what put me so high this month.


We over and over again see this tree house in school---not so far from the Johnson's building where we're having our RE class. So, one time me and tin decided to see what's in it. It was nice--you'll looove nature.


I really dunno the breed of this odd looking dog. We often pass by this creature whenever we go to the net cafe we're so hooked into. Look at his face! Yeah, he's a male. Do i need to explain to you why? Haha. I can't help but giggle every time he's looking---a really bizarre kind of look.


We're instructed to make a collage in RE about the world which we want to live in. Too bad I haven't got the picture of our finish product. But there's a saying there made by myk, "We aim not for a High Tech world but atleast a place where everyone is HAPPY." I defended it--on the spot. No worries, I'm actually used to it. Making it was uber FUN! We got the highest score. Thanks to ME. Haha. Char. It was a group effort. =)


January is also my birth month! One of the main reasons why I totally love this month. I celebrated my birthday without my family---for the first time. Uhuhu. Mom and Oying was in Negros, Dad was in Aklan at that time. Haiz. Oh well. On the lighter side, my friends were there. So it's not that sad after all. And MSL saved the day. Haha. We went out, watched a movie (Bedtime Stories--;D) and I'll never forget that same day--he knows why. HAHA. He gave me a very sweet present. The pictures tell it all. =)

Mind Rumble

I'm making my reviewer in chemistry---but seems like I can't wrangle with the urge to fall asleep. Help! Status: terribly heavy-eyed but refuses to go to bed because of that long quiz on monday. Shocks. I have to finish it today or else I will end up doing nothing. "Camote Delight" gid ni krun gwa qh! How pathetic! =( They say as a student you have to burn your midnight candle. May sunugay kilay pa gid gani! Haha. That's what I'm trying to do-except the sunog-kilay effect. Yikes. So far the upshots are eyebags, headache, stomachache, backache...Tanan na lng nga may ache! That HORRIBLE PAIN! It's so excruciating! But I have to put up w/ it-I MUST!

I need to take a breather--so to avoid being stressed out. I opened the tv and to my surprise I found myself watching Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho. Haha. Don't get me wrong, I'm NOT and will NEVER be a KAPUSO! I was just interested w/ the topic they're featuring--it was about memory, I guess. There's this story of a girl (a student like me) who munches "lugaw with pieces of PAPER" in it. Yeah, you read it right. In those tiny pieces of paper were numbers and words to help her remember facts she just studied. Weird. And when she sleeps, she is surrounded w/ books! Maybe those books have powers? I find it really comical! Haha. I think it's just one of those pamahiin's. She's so delusional. But the girl said it actually works--yeah, maybe for her. Haha. It's all in the mind baby. Goodluck to you. XD

Haiz. College life gid man bla uhh! How i wish I could just close my eyes and the moment I open it up, I already have that much awaited diploma in my hand. CLOSE again. OPEN--wow, I'm in the airport bidding adieu to my family because I'm going to the States and earn dollars! Haha. That's what most nursing students aim for. And Filipino Nurses going abroad? What's new? It's the current trend. Nobody can really blame us for seeking a stable and a comfortable life. We just want to secure our future. Now, back to REALITY. Life isn't as easy as that. You have to work hard for yourself. You can't achieve your aspirations just by closing and opening your eyes. Don't expect for a miracle to happen! Walang Himala...Ang himala ay nasa puso ng tao... Yeah. Everyone knows that famed line of Nora Aunor. But it's true! We make the miracles in our life. And for me, the most special ingredient in one's success is FAITH in God. Our faith will make us persevere and believe that nothing is impossible w/ Him. When the going gets tough, that faith will keep us going. Trust me. No, trust GOD. =)


I typed this post the morning after. Haha. It's so late and i don't have the energy to open the computer. Amu lang nah uhh..

ay isa pa gid gli...

Lapit na lng ma full 1st account ko sa FS. So, I advise you to add my 2nd account instead.

Thank you!

(Ngaa abi may limits pa ang pwd mo maging friends sa FS? Tani unlimited na lng!--daw sa txt ehh..)

----[kumod2x] XD

Things I Wanna Do

I spent my Christmas vacation and the rest of the holidays at my hometown with my family. Whether you believe it or not, I had so many laaazy days(almost everyay!). I'm a home buddy-I prefer to stay at home and actually do NOTHING. Haha. I'm just in my bed, lying-slash-daydreaming, reading really good books, txting, watching tv and so on... You get the picture? Haiz. And I missed MSL so so badly. :'(

On my trip back here in Iloilo, I was supeeer bored-coz I travelled alone. I had no one to talk to. Sob. So to kill boredom, I looked for my journal, luckily grabbed a pen and jotted down some things I wanna do-and will step at a time. Here's my list. Take a look. =)

  • get up 15 min. earlier.
  • look at problems as challengers
  • unclutter my life
  • don't know all the answers
  • fly a kite!
  • get a driver's license. I keep bugging my mom to let me drive our car-but she just don't trust me! Safety first! Haha. (soon!)
  • develop my sense of humor (joke?XD)
  • listen to a symphony
  • watch a ballet
  • do everything in moderation
  • do brand new things
  • look at a work of art
  • throw a paper airplane :]
  • know my limitations and let others know thm too
  • go on a picnic
  • cook a meal and eat it by candle light
  • quit inhaling junkfood
  • clean out my closet
  • recognize the importance of unconditional love
  • stay up all night on the beach with someone I love (MSL), making a wish with every star that shoots across the vast night sky.
God, there's so much to do. Hmmmm.